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Qurbaan Hua 12th April 2021 AlakhNanda asks Dua to give her the mobile number of her mother so she would ask her to come and take her away, AlakhNanda dials the number however it is switched off, Dua explains that her mother is a big doctor so her mobile cannot be switched off, Godambari gets worried so asks for her name.

Some time earlier Sahil enters the barn wondering that this is the last day of Dua and so he is sure that when Chahat would see him in Neel’s clothes then it would make her believe that he killed her daughter.

Sahil gets a call from Chahat who asks if he knows the extent of their troubles because Dua and Shlok have become good friends and Shlok and Dua both are the children of Neel, Sahil apologizes saying that he would not have sent Dua had he known she was his daughter, he asks how does she know, she explains that she is in their house disguised as a worker, Sahil gets tensed and ends the call exclaiming that today is the last day of Dua, he is sure that the blame will be on Neel as he is wearing his clothes and the Rakhi of his sister.

Dua in the middle of the night wakes up because of hunger, she wonders why she feels this hunger, she doesnot know where to find the snacks so leaves for the kitchen as she is sure there would be snacks there.

Dua is in the kitchen eating the snacks when Sahil enters the house, he is amazed to see that Dua is already in the kitchen so it would be easy to kill her, he picks the vase planning that now the blame would come on Neel, Shlok wakes up in the bed wondering where Dua is, he wonders if Alka Maa has sent her back however he sees that she is sleeping, he walks downstairs. Sahil accidentally drops a something so Dua turns back asking who he is, she thinks that he is Neel so however then Shlok calls her and turns on the lights, Sahil immediately runs away, Shlok asks why she is worried, Dua explains that his father was trying to kill her however Shlok says that it is not possible as he is in Rishikesh, they both head back to sleep.

Dua in the morning is trying to plead with them asking to listen to what she is trying to say however Alka asks her to not talk like this because it is not worth it and she must finish her breakfast, Dua explains that she felt Neel was trying to kill her which angers Alka, she asks Dua to give her the mobile number as she would send her back, Alka calls the number however it is turned off, Dua wonders how can it be as her mother is a really reputed doctor so it is not possible, hearing the word doctor worries Godamabri, she asks the name of her mother, Dua is about to sya it however Chahat is worried about what might happen next, she therefor purposefully drops the glass of water, apologizing afterwards, Godambari exclaims that she sometimes feels she has hired Toup Singh to only ruin their chores, Shlok and Dua both exclaim they have finished their breakfast, Godambari asks them to wash their hands, she orders Toup Singh to clean it nicely otherwise the children might slip.

Godambari leans to pick the utensils however Alka stops her, in the kitchen Toup Singh is arranging the washed thali. Alka asks why has he prepared another thali as they all have eaten the food, he answers that it is for Naveli as she is also a member of the family, while Alka is the daughter so responsible for taking care of everyone, he knows that she has taken the place of Saraswathi di, Alka gets tensed asking how does he know about her, Toup Singh replies that Bopho informed her how Saraswathi used to take care of all the family members during her life and now she has taken up the mantle, Alka replies that his speech pattern makes her remember someone, Toup Singh asks the name, Alka replies that she doesnot even want to speak about her, she taking the thali walks to give Naveli the food.

Alka enters the room and is shocked to see Naveli cleaning the shoes of Baleq, he orders her to work fast as he is getting late, Alka explains that she is his wife and not the maid, Baleq says that she is doing the work herself, Alka tries to make her stand asking why is she getting so weak however says that she must eat the food, Baleq taking the thali exclaims he is also really hungry and when Alka reveals the food was for Naveli, he responds that she has kept a fast for his long life so cannot eat anything, he starts devouring the food explaining that it is really delicious, he explains that even if Neel doesnot praise her love, he still feels the same for her, Alka asks why can he talk like this in front of his wife, he is a monster, Baleq asks her to see with open eyes because she doesnot have any connection with the house and is not even married with Neel, she must not try to interfere in their house hold matters, Alka explains that she cares for Naveli because of sympathy, Alka leaves after which Baleq wonders that the children came to save her and now Alka brought the food which no one has done for the past six years so it is possible someone is turning them against him.

In the night Dua and Shlok both exclaim that the person who tries to kill Dua was not able to finish his work so would come back one more time, they both make a plan and tie the strings with the door connecting the music system, Shlok explains that when the thief would try to enter they would make him fall while the cameras would capture the photo, they fall asleep after waiting when Sahil comes however he sees the strings so exclaims that the children cannot be more clever then him, he plays the video of Chahat crying for help hearing which Dua walks out of the room.

Chahat coming down the stairs wonders why is Dua leaving the house in the middle of the night, she however falls because of the strings, Dua enters the barn following the voice of her mother but is not able to find Chahat, she is standing when Sahil enters secretly with a knife aiming to kill Dua.


Qurbaan Hua 13th April 2021 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chahat sees that someone is trying to kill Dua walking up to her from behind, she is not able to believe her, Sahil aims to kill Dua with a single blow of the knife.

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Telecast Date:12th April 2021
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