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Qurbaan Hua 11th January 2021 Ghazala hugs Chahat warning that she should never take he side of the family of Mant Vyas, Chahat exclaims that they are her family and have loved her to the extent that she cannot even think off, Ghazala exclaims how she has her father and if Chahat says anything then she would not be able to see her father anymore.

Acharia Je takes off the veil and inquires from Vyas jee what has happened to which he also gets shocked and seeing the frame inquires what kind of a joke is it to which Ghazala steps out of the car exclaiming how it is not a joke but the reality, everyone gets shocked to see that it is Sunita however reality do not know she is the wife of Dr Baig, Vyas jee also calls her Sunita but she exclaims how she is the wife of Dr Rahil Baig and the mother of Chahat Baig, everyone is shocked to hear this which angers Acharia je even more, Ghazala exclaims that he should ask Chahat to place her hand on the holy book and say that she is telling the truth, Ghazala asks Chahat to not be worried and in form every one of the truth.

Vyas jee exclaims that this cannot happen because he trusts Chahat just like Saraswathi and then in anger asks Neel to throw her out of their house, and not stand quiet as the women is blaming his wife, Ghazala exclaims that Neel has known her truth since the start and knowing that Chahat is the daughter of Dr Rahil Baig, the pandit inquires what he is hearing as Vyas je said that his daughter in law was like the Devi however she is actually from the other faith and he was about to wrong their religious sentiments, everyone is not able to bear the revelation and Vyas je asks Neel about the truth forcing him to reveal the truth exclaiming how his quietness is worrying him and that he should reveal that what Ghazala is blaming is actually not the truth, Neel exclaims that it is the truth and that she is a Muslim, Neel exclaims how he brought Chahat as a prisoner and desired to take revenge from her for the murder of Saraswathi but did not know when he fell in love with her.

Ghazala exclaims how they have kept her daughter as a prisoner and have been forcing her to remain in their house.
Baleq and Godamabri both question Neel asking why did he dare bring Chahat into the house and even married her to which Neel exclaims how they have not married and not harmed any of the two faiths because when they were about to be married they changed the couple so to not be married, Ghazala exclaims that she could not have thought that they would stoop so low because they consider themselves to be the guardian of the religion however they do not know how many times Neel would have forced Chahat to share a bed with him even when they are not married, Neel gets angry exclaiming how Ghazala must not say anything like this, the Pandit exclaims how the family of Vyas je is the cause of destruction of the religion and that his own son is not following their religious followings, it is wrong for the public to have given him the position of the Mant. Vyas je looking at t Neel gets tensed and even cries when Acharia Je takes the Hawan from him and is about to leave the house when Baleq sits in front of him pleading how they have always took care of the religion however Vyas je stop him saying that it is their own fault because he was not able to recognize that Chahat is not a Muslim as she never applied the Sindoor not even wore the Mangal Sutur because she is actually a Muslim and he even refused to believe the truth when he saw her at the Dargah, Vyas je starts giving himself the punishment when Ghazala forcefully hugs her exclaiming how she should never talk against her because she has kidnapped Dr Baig and if she talks against her then they both would die.

Jamuna pleads with Vyas je to not do this however Vyas je says that it would be better that he died from the illness and not recovered, Neel sits in front of him pleading to explain the truth however Vyas je says that because of the blames which Ghazala said to her then he should not punish himself, Vyas je exclaims that because of Neel he was blamed for ruining the life of a Muslim girl, Nee rushes to Chahat pleading with her to explain the truth of how they have not wronged her and nothing has happened with her because if she explains the truth then no one can blame Vyas jee, Neel asks if the house doesnot belong to her and Vyas jee is not her father, Chahat looking at him explains how he has nothing more to say in front of anyone.

Godamabri brings Naveli to the barn when she asks why she brought her to the side because she is really excited to watch the drama, Godambari exclaims that she would make sure that the dignity of Chahat is ruined and so they both pick the animal shit.

Neel asks Chahat to explain how they have not harmed her; Ghazala exclaims how they as a family has made her daughter no longer pure then suddenly Chahat is hit with the animal shit and it is Godamabri who exclaims how Chahat is not pure and has also foiled their house because she is a Muslim. Baleq orders Ghazala to take her daughter away. Neel shouts at them all then asks Chahat to explain how much they both love each other, and it is actually the truth that a Hindu boy has come to love a Muslim girl, but it is actually bigger than the religions and they would show it to them, Baleq refuses to let them destroy the religious sentiments and so he calls his companions, Ghazala also calls her men causing a standoff.


Qurbaan Hua 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chahat exclaims how she cannot fight with faith and that another love story was not able to survive the fights of the religions, Neel tries to run after her however she closes the window and Neel falls when he is hit with a stone, Chahat looks to see if Neel is safe.

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