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Qurbaan Hua 10th September 2021 Someone in a black suit is trying to suffocate Vyas je, she is about to kill him when Chahat holds him from behind why is trying to kill Vyas and what rivalry does he have, he pushes Chahat back taking a knife pointing it to her.

Some time earlier the entire Dhiani family is performing the pooja when Aalekh receives a call so he leaves, Godambari starts coughing so she leaves to get some water for her, some time later Chahat comes wondering where did Aalekh jee went, she thinks that her suspicion was true so she needs to go into the room of Baba and stop him.

Vyas je is resting on his bed, someone enters the room wearing the black clothes, the person quickly turns off the lights and starts suffocating Vyuas je so that he should die, Chahat is climbing the stairs when the person tries to hurry, Chahat sees the person from behind so getting tesned rushes up the room, she pulls the person from behind asking who the person is and what problem does he have with Vyas je, she replies she knew just when she would revela the news that Vyas je is going to come out of the coma, the person would come back to finish the job, the person throws Chahat on the bed, managing to pockl the knife, Chahat starts to struggle with him for the knife.

The family is busy in performing the pooja for the better health of Vyas je, Naveli takes the thali,. Chahat is still fighting with the person, she manages to injure his hand when the person after pushing Chahat manages to run away, she turns on the light and is relieved to see that Vyas je is fine, she vow to not let that person go away so easily.

Chahat reaches downstairs where she doesnot see Aalekh, but he comes back from outside, Chahat seeing him slaps him really hard, she replies she knew just when she would reveal the news that Vyas je is coming out of the coma, he would try to kill Vyas je, Aalekh questions why is she blaming him as he feels she has gotten mad, the police come calling why Bopho called them, Chahat says she asked him to because they have found the person who tried to kill Vyas je, she pulls Aalekh with his collar saying that he is the real culprit,

Chahat warns him to not lie because she has a proof and the person with whom she was fighting injured his right hand, she tries to pull up his sleeve but Aalekh himself shows his hands saying that there are no injuries on his hands, Chahat replies she evn has another proof and it is the knife which is in the room and they can find out the truth, Chahat takes them all to the room but she is shocked to see that the knife doesnot have any blood, she is shocked when Aalekh asks the police personal to not listen to Chahat because she is making up stories to save her husband, they all leave the room.

Chahat in anger wonders how did he mange to remove the blood, exclaiming she has failed once again, Chahat sits in the bed when she sees the cloth on the floor, picking it up she sees the initial of letter A written on it so think that it might be of Aalekh, she wonders how would she be able to prove that Neel is innocent, she opens the cloth and a cheque drops from it, she gets tensed as she is not able to read anything however Chahat vows that she would manage to find out the truth about what was written on the cheque.

Bopho in the kitchen is cooking when Naveli comes asking what is he doing, he says that he has fed the children and even prepared the food for the lunch, Naveli is not able to believe what he is doing for her family, she with love hugs him mentioning that this line would have been from her mother but she appreciates all he has done for her family, she is really glad to have someone like her as a husband, Godamabri exclaims she has spoken the wrong line, Godambari mentions she has never seen a son in law like him who stays in his in laws house,

she asks if he would remain standing while she is holding the thali, he taking it asks what is in it, she says he can check for himself, he is shocked to see the clothes and jewellery so asks who are they for, Godambari mentions it is for him because sh has a habit of taking everything by the wealth but she has seen how he was ready to take the entire blame of Neel on his head, she has also seen how Naveli is always hyappy while he is around her, whenever she used to see Naveli with Aalekh, her heart would burn but now she is glad, Naveli in a state of happiness goes to hug Godamabri, Chahat then calls everyone to come.

Godamabri leaves asking Bopho to turn off the gas of the stove, Chahat explains that she has got her hands on a proof which might be helpful, she explains that the person who tried to kill Vyas je very cleverly removed the stains from the dagger but she managed to get her hands on the cheque which might help them in getting the proof, Bopho explains his friend works in the same bank so then he calls her but his friend asks for the last four digits, Chahat is shocked to hear the news, she seeing he time advises they should go to the bank because the person might realize who brought the cheque, Alka stops them saying it is raining outside, she offers to place the cheque in the plastic bag for Chahat, she takes it but then in distress calls Chahat exclaiming the cheque flew outside the house because of the rain.

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