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Qurbaan Hua 10th February 2021 Neel is hanging from the balcony when Chahat is worried as she would have to stay in the camp for one more day, she decides to call Neel and ask if he liked the gift of the marriage certificate, Chahat is not able to get a network so runs to find any sort of network when she find accidently breaks the playing sports of the children, they all threaten to throw mud on her because she ruined their sports.

Chahat is saved by the girl who explains how she is doctor who has come from Devpriagh and is going to save them from the corona virus and they should not try to hurt her, Chahat asks her name to which she replies that she is AlakhNanda and knows how to get the network on her mobile, she takes Chahat’s mobile and runs away so Chahat is also forced to run after her, she then climbs a tree mentioning how she has gotten the signals, when Chahat asks her to dial Neel’s number as he is her husband, AlakhNanda doesnot understand after which Chahat ahs to explain, then she calls him.

Neel jumps from the balcony and answers the call asking if Chahat can hear him, AlakhNanda explains how she can hear him but after what he has done she feels as if she should go and die in the Ganga, Chahat gets tensed asking what is she saying, AlakhNanda explains how she knows how to talk with the husbands but doesnot listen to Chahat, Neel asks who is she talking as he wants to talk with Chahat, she explains that Chahat is in pipli village and he should come to meet her, Neel gets on the bike then mentions how he would talk with Chahat to know why she sent the divorce papers.

Neel is riding when Baleq is constantly calling him, Neel answers the call to which Baleq explains how he has been able to arrange money for the treatment of Vyas jee, Neel asks how he was able to, Baleq explains how they had a property in pipli village which they were not able to sell however they have finally reached an agreement so he should come and sign the papers, Neel mentions how he would come as early as possible.

Chahat asks AlakhNanda is she is able to get the network however she explains how she is not able to, Chahat is worried thinking how she would then be able to talk with Neel, Chahat once again asks when her father comes asking what is she doing to which AlakhNanda thinks how she would die as her father as seen her, he asks her to come down from the tree as a family is coming for her marriage proposal and she is soon going to be married, Chahat gets happy, she asks her father to not worry as anyone who sees AlakhNanda would love to marry her, Nurpath asks Chahat to see his daughter as she has flowers on her head so who would marry a girl like her, Chahat exclaims how he must not stop her as she would not be able to play after the marriage then she also exclaims how she would help her prepare for the function, so then he leaves .

Nurpath asks Baleq that the boy which he chose for his daughter has not come, Baleq assures him explaining how he never turns back from his words then advises him to go and inform the village about the marriage.

Baleq sees Neel coming so immediately stops him, Baleq mentions how he was able to finalize the deal and the person talks a lot so Neel should follow him and do what he instructs, he then calls Nurpath meanwhile Neel thinks of how they should finish the deal as he also has to talk with Chahat and ask why she sent the divorce papers. Baleq asks him to come with him after leaving the motorbike.

Neel and Baleq why are they celebrating for the deal of a land when Baleq explains how they revere land which is why they are celebrating, Neel steps in the house, Chahat feels as if he has come to the house not knowing that it is the truth.

Chahat is worried when AlakhNanda asks what has happened, Chahat explains how she feels her husband has come, AlakhNanda exclaims how she also desires to have a husband who feels her presence, Chahat mentions how she is mad because she would get even a better husband then Neel however then corrects herself by saying that there cannot be any one better then Neel so her husband would also be the same as Neel.

AlakhNanda gets really worried to which Chahat asks why she is so stressed out so AlakhNanda explains how she has never seen her fiancé before then Chahat explains how she would go out and bring his photo in her mobile, AlakhNanda explains how she desired to have a elder sister like her, Chahat mentions how she is her elder sister.

Neel is covered with colour so Chahat is not able to recognize him and even Neel is not able to know that it is Chahat who is dancing when Neel asks Baleq does it not seem that there is some problem which is when Baleq asks why he is worried because the owner has come and as soon as he signs the paper then they would be able to sell the land and get the money for Vyas je. Nurpath explain how he is not only giving his land, Baleq however doesnot let him complete his sentence forcing Neel to sign the papers, the entire village comes to congratulate Neel.

Chahat is dancing with the ladies and is worried as she cannot differentiate who is the husband of AlakhNanda, when she accidentally falls and cries for her mother, the other ladies pick her up and take her away to get the bandage.

AlakhNanda comes when Nurpath mentions how the guests are waiting to see her dance, Baleq asks what is happening to which Nurpath explains how it is a tradition in their village that the wife dances as it is believed that the bond of the husband and wife would never break. Baleq exclaims how he wants that Neel never leaves AlakhNanda as then he would get away from Chahat.

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