Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th January 2021 Episode starts with Ahilya taking care of the cow and calf. She talks to Kapila. Malhar comes there and sees Ahilya. He smiles. Khanderao shows the horse to his friends. He says servants can’t dare to stop us. He tries to control the horse. The horse gets away. Khanderao says I will never lose to an animal. Sushila asks Ahilya to let the cow rest now, its not a small thing to give birth to a baby. Ahilya asks did the cow undergo pain, tell me. Sushila says it happens, you will understand this when you grow up. Khanderao falls down. The boy says you said its not a tough thing. Khanderao says I have to teach a lesson to this house. Ahilya asks the cow does she want to listen to a lullaby. She sings. Malhar looks on and smiles.

Gangoba asks what are you doing here. Malhar says in today’s times, where greed has made people enemies, this girl has much love for an animal, I got emotional, this is the real identity of humanity, to win someone by love, not by beating or fear. Khanderao burns crackers and scares the horse. He laughs. A lady looks on.

Malhar goes to Ahilya and says so this is Kapila’s child. She asks when did you come. Sushika asks who is he. Mankoji says I don’t know. Ahilya says the calf is sleeping now. Mankoji says I didn’t recognize you. She says he is our guest, I met him near the river, I told him that my dad is the Patil of the villager, so I invited him home. Mankoji says good, but what’s his name. Ahilya asks what’s your name. Gangoba gets angry and asks her to talk well, does she know who is he. He introduces Malhar. Malhar stops him. Gangoba and Sushila get shocked.

Malhar greets them and says Malhar Rao Holkar. Mankoji and Sushila greet him. Khanderao says see, he is shivering in fear. The lady says who will believe that, Malhar will have such a son, you have no time because of work, Akka saheb doesn’t see her son’s mistakes, what will Khandero do in future. Khanderao jokes on his friends. He says I m the owner of this horse. The servant comes and stops Khanderao from lighting another firecracker. Khanderao scolds him.

Servant says I can never make a mistake to hurt you, I had to throw the cracker away, pity this animal. Khanderao says I was controlling him. Servant asks him to get friendly with the horse. Khanderao says I know, I want to ride it now itself. Servant says I can’t let you go near the horse, you can’t take the risk. Khanderao asks who are you to stop me, I m a prince. Servant says I know, I know my responsibility also.

Malhar says I didn’t wish to tell my identity to anyone, but you told them. Gangoba says I couldn’t see that girl insulting you. Malhar asks what insult, she treated me as a friend. Ahilya comes and asks shall I come in. Malhar says its your house, what’s there to ask. She serves the water. She says dad said I had made a big mistake, and sent me to apologize, will you forgive me. He says its fine. She says I felt you are like a friend, you also got happy seeing Kapila and calf right. Gangoba stops her. She says I thought to get friendly with you, you are a big Subedaar and I m young. Mankoji asks her to go, let the guests rest.

He says she is immature, sorry from her side, she doesn’t know you. Malhar says I feel light when no one identifies me, I feel happy to live like an ordinary man, away from Subedaar’s responsibility, I have no complains. She hears this and smiles. A man comes and informs Malhar the news. Mankoji says I will go and see the food. The man says Nizam soldiers have come close, just this place is left. Malhar says it means we have to stay here for more days, fine, inform at the palace. Khanderao goes to meet Gautami. Choti Aai says Akka Saheb is doing a puja. He says I need to talk to mum. She says I have seen what you have done, the servant is loyal to our family, he didn’t say wrong, you should not trouble the horse in this way. He asks why do you talk like I m a small kid. Gautami comes and asks what happened. He says I was coming to talk to you, but Choti Aai stopped me, do I always do wrong things. Choti Aai says no, I was just explaining him… Gautami says mum can explain child well, I will explain him. She asks him what happened. He says servant insulted me in front of everyone.

Ahilya goes to Sushila and says Malhar didn’t feel bad of my words, aren’t you angry now. Sushila says they will have food here tonight, come and help me. Ahilya asks why don’t you ask brothers to work. Sushila says I m making your fav food. Gautami scolds servant. Servant says Khanderao can’t play with someone’s life. Gautami says you shouldn’t refuse to him, he can do anything. She angrily points a sword at his neck. Khanderao smiles. He says he had put a sword at me like this. Servant says I did that to save his life, that horse is new, it can’t get controlled, I saw him in danger. She asks him to apologize to Khanderao. The servant apologizes.

She asks Khanderao to understand, the servant was right, the horse could have attacked him. Khanderao says that servant and horse will win, dad always calls me useless, so that servant dared to insult me. She thinks I feel afraid seeing his anger, what if my belief is proved wrong.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malhar asks Ahilya does she know counting. Ahilya says no, I will remember them by counting the tamarind seeds.

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Telecast Date:7th January 2021
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