Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th January 2021 Episode starts with Sushila saying I will stitch Ahilya’s petha, she can wear it at least at home. Mankoji smiles and says you said I spoil her always. Malhar is at the camp. He gets the news of Nizam’s soldiers. Minister says its a threat on us. Malhar shows the map and says Nizam army will be both ways, but we have another way that goes through the river. Gangoba says you know everything about this land. Malhar says I used to raise cattle, that was my work since childhood, I wasn’t a Subedaar, we should go by this fourth way, we won’t get Nizam army here, we will enter that village Chandi.

Ahilya is sleeping. Sushila wakes her up. Ahilya tries to catch sunlight. Mankoji says sunlight is smart and doesn’t get caught, if human becomes like that, then he can also come out of problems. He asks how shall I become sunlight. He says you are young, you won’t understand this, when you grow up, you will understand on own, tell me, when are you making your temple. She asks how do you know. He says you are doing a big work, won’t I know. She asks how could I make it, what’s the use now, how will we do puja. He says do it next week, make a temple first. She asks really. He says yes. She says you are sunlight, you don’t find anything tough. Sushila says he has to do puja, you touched him without taking bath. Mankoji says I will take a bath again. Ahilya goes. Sushila says Pathak Guruji is coming, he always does some prediction of future, lets see what he tells this time.

Gautami asks Khanderao why did he refuse to have food. He says I don’t have time, I have work. She says I will feed you the food, food gives you strength, you have to become brave like your dad, right. He nods. She asks why didn’t you go to learn battle skills. He says it aches my body, what’s the use to learn that, I m a prince and will become King. She says you have to earn the same respect as your dad one day, are you listening to me. He says yes, let me rest till dad comes back, you handle him, he will send me to battle field right away if he wants. She says fine, you are free today. He smiles. Malhar is leading his team.

He says we will take some rest till the water level gets low. He asks Sena to send the news to the queen. The servant goes to Gautami. She says Malhar may take some time to come back, he loves the horses, tell me if there is a problem in the stable, nothing should happen to the horses. He says there is no problem, the Arbi horse… Khanderao asks which colour is it. The man says white colour, not everyone can control him, the horse will become our pride if it gets in control. She says take care of the horse, Malhar will control the horse. The man says I won’t let anyone reach the horse. Khanderao smiles. Ahilya is making a shivling on the river bank. Renu smiles. Ahilya helps her. Renu complains about her inlaws. Pathak says Ahilya’s life will change after marriage, just pray that she has happiness, she has struggles in her life.

Ahilya makes the temple and offers prayers to Shiv. The girls also pray. Malhar and his soldiers come that way. Ahilya hears the sound. They see the soldiers riding the horses and coming towards them. The girls ask Ahilya to leave the shivling and run to save her life. Ahilya says I won’t go. The girls say horse may stamp you down. The girls hide. Ahilya hugs the shivling. Malhar stops the horse seeing her. Gangoba scolds Ahilya. Malhar asks didn’t you get scared seeing the horse running towards you. Ahilya says I was much scared. He says you were still sitting, the girls ran away. She says I had also run, but my dad told me that Shiv ji always helps us, how could I leave Shiv ji in trouble. He says I should have controlled my horse before, I m sorry. She says no, you don’t apologize. Gangoba asks him to talk well, does she know who is he.

Malhar says its not imp to praise our name always. Renu asks are you fine Ahilya, shall we go home. Malhar asks are you from Chandi village. Ahilya says yes, my dad is the Patil of the village, every guest comes there, will you come. Ahilya’s brother comes to call her, the cow have given birth to a calf. Ahilya says really, Kapila is my cow, you also come to see her baby. She runs away. He prays and smiles.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahilya asks Malhar his name. Gangoba introduces Malhar to Ahilya’s family. Malhar stops him.

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Telecast Date:6th January 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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