Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Ahilya getting the lotus flowers. She says bugs didn’t bite my hand. She gives the flowers to everyone. She says I got one flower for everyone. The girl asks why didn’t you get more. Ahilya says we shouldn’t be greedy, we should take as much needed, I left some flowers for others. The girl says you are saying true. Ahilya says my dad says the truth. They run to the temple. Malhar says I have to go for survey today, I had to postpone the trip because of puja.

Minister says its not right to go out at this time. Malhar isn’t scared of anything. Minister says as you find right. Malhar’s wife Gautami says I trust my husband and his devotion. He says I m giving the responsibility to you in my absence, you have to manage everything. He sees Khanderao going with friends to play. He says I m worried for Khanderao. She says he will come in some time, what’s his age. He says its not so less that he hides in mum’s shadow all day, he has to manage everything. She says our son will never disappoint you, I promise, you trust me, right. He says I trust you completely, I m scared that you may fall weak for your son’s love.

She says you are saying this seeing my love for my son, you know nothing is imp to me than your respect, our son will never stain your name. He thinks I wish you prove your faith. At the temple, Pujari calls all the family heads to come ahead for puja. He calls Mankoji first. Mankoji goes for the puja. Sushila thinks where is Ahilya. Ahilya comes with her friends, laughing and running inside the temple. The people taunt on her dirty wet clothes. Mankoji asks where were you, how did your clothes spoil. Ahilya says I went into the lake to get lotus for Shiv ji, my clothes for spoilt, I didn’t go home to change clothes, else I would have missed the puja. Pujari asks her to give flower to her dad. Ahilya says no, we have to prayto Shiv ji, so we will keep the flower. Pujari says no way, all the women are standing away, even your mum. She says yes, but I have to go. Sushila apologizes to pujari.

Ahilya says I know, but I have to make an imp prayer this time. Pujari stops her and asks her to follow the rules. Ahilya says I didn’t ask for this before, nothing will be fine if I don’t go inside. Mankoji asks what. Pujari says women can’t get rights to do puja of shivling, that’s final. Ahilya asks why not. She asks Mankoji about Shivling, Parvati is also with Shiv inside, Parvati is a woman, if she can be there, then why can’t she go. Sushila says you want to argue with pandit ji, give the flower to your dad. Pujari says Maa Parvati is Lord, not a human, we have different rules for men and women, you won’t go inside. She says but I want to do the puja, else someone has to stay worried, everyone should get happiness, you say that we all are Shiv’s children, then boys and girls are be equal to him, right. The man says look at her, she is arguing with pandit. The ladies also taunt. Sushila removes the pagdi from Ahilya’s head. She asks Ahilya not to disrespect elders, pujari is right, everyone has to agree to society rules.

Sushila asks Mankoji to take the lotus flower for chadava. She scolds Ahilya. Ahilya cries and runs away. Renu consoles her. She says you know pujari Kaka will not let us keep the flowers, your efforts went in vain. Ahilya gets an idea. She says we will make our temple, we will do puja and pray, I will ask Shiv ji to make everything fine in your Sasural, Shiv ji will answer your prayers. Renu smiles. Mankoji hears this and smiles.

They come back home. Sushila scolds her again for ruining their name. He asks her to leave Ahilya. Sushila says you have spoilt her, everyone will taunt on our upbringing. Ahilya says I didn’t do this to bring shame for you. Sushila asks who questions during the puja, at least be quiet before everyone. Ahilya asks how will I learn if I don’t ask. Sushila says a woman should know her limits, she is nine years old, she isn’t a kid now, don’t know how Ahilya got this illness that she always asks things. Ahilya hugs her and says punish me, if you feel good. Mankoji says Ahilya is sensible. Ahilya asks what’s my punishment, tell me, I will tell you if you can’t decide, I won’t go out today, I will make food also. She hugs Sushila and goes for cooking. Mankoji says Ahilya is punishing herself for your sake, she has a soft heart, she wanted to do puja for someone else, she doesn’t ask anything for herself. Sushila says I m not her enemy, I m her mum, if I always protect her, how will she get courage to face troubles. He asks why will she face troubles. She says she will get married soon, she got habitual to stay here with freedom, she will find hard to stay in in-laws, I will go and see her, she may burn her hand. Mankoji says Ahilya is here just for few months, then don’t know where she goes.

The ladies gossip and provoke Dwarka against Malhar’s decision. Dwarka says I didn’t like it, but what can I do, I had to respect his decision, Malhar is given this responsibility by Bade Sarkar. The servant brainwashes her. Dwarka asks her to think their benefit. She says its our responsibility to get rights for my son, I know I m Malhar’s second wife and can’t become a queen, but I will get Rajmata. Bana bai says I wish you become the queen. Dwarka says its not tough for me to deal with Akka bai and Malhar Rai, Khanderao is useless, I don’t want anyone to come in his life who is sharp at mind, who knows to fight for rights.

Ahilya makes rotis. She talks to her brothers. She says I wasn’t scared to ask pujari. Her brother asks were you not scared, everyone was staring. She says no, I didn’t know they will get so angry on me. He asks wouldn’t you ask if you had known that. She says don’t know. She asks them to have rotis. She goes out to talk to the cow. She feeds her roti to the cow. She says the cow is pregnant, she needs food. Her brother says I will not give my roti to you. Ahilya talks to the cow about raising daughters. Sushila comes and looks on. Mankoji comes and hears Ahilya. Sushila asks Ahilya to go out to the cow if she wants. Ahilya says my mum is lovely, her anger has vanished. Mankoji says Ahilya doesn’t understand the society customs, but she knows the importance of freedom. She asks how does she think of such big things. He says maybe she finds all her answers herself.

Mankoji asks about Ahilya’s marriage. The man says Ahilya’s life will change after her marriage. Ahilya hugs a shivling. Malhar looks on.


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