Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd August 2022 Episode starts with Gunu ji’s men recalling Dhana ji’s threatening about their families. They accept their crime. Ahilya says then deposit the money back. Khanderao asks what happened, what’s the problem in returning it when you have it. She says you both are cheating,

you were just puppets, Gunu ji is your boss. Gunu ji asks how can you blame me. She shows the documents. She says your sign is there on every document, if you didn’t know about the money spent, then how did you stamp it, its your carelessness or your cheat, you are wrong in both the cases, you have to decide which blame to choose.

Dwarka cries. Gautama holds her. Dwarka asks her to taunt her. She says no one can understand my pain here. Gautama says no, we are also sorry for Sita, she is my daughter also. Dwarka says no, she is my daughter, I have given her birth, you gave birth to Khanderao, he will hurt her today.

Gautama says we didn’t insult Gunu ji, we respected him like Khanderao but…. Dwarka says this but is going to snatch my everything. Gautama says yes, its about the royal throne, Khanderao and Malerao are the heir, your problem is that you chose your motherly love by leaving your Raj dharm, you are doing the same even today. Dwarka cries and hugs her.

Khanderao says Gunu ji has done wrong with Ratlaam people, he cheated us, I request dad to do justice. Malhar says you have become the prime reason for the peoples sorrow, this can’t be forgiven, Darbar orders you to return the money back, and you have to pay 50000 coins as penalty, your Sardar position is taken back. Gunu ji gets shocked. He returns his sword and pagdi.

The man gets the news to Dhana ji. He tells everything. Dhana ji fumes and throws the table away. He says its time to go to Malwa. Shuja also gets the news. Jahaan Khan says Gunu ji is brave warrior, he is away from Malhar’s army, it means Malhar’s army is weak, we should attack Malwa now.

Shuja says Malwa got weak from within, we will use it. Jahaan asks what are you thinking. Shuja says we should make Gunu ji our friend, get him to me, we will welcome him. Ahilya says dam project will go as decided before. Malhar says after so much, how is this possible, I want Ratlaam people to get housing first, it will be injustice with them, think well and then come to me with a proposal,

sometimes we get emotional about any plan or person, but things related to Rajya aren’t related to any emotions, so keep the emotions aside and work, put the project on hold until we get to know all the pros and cons. Dwarka sees Gunu ji. She says I want to talk to him in private.

Tukoji says forgive me, we can’t leave Gunu ji alone, its Malhar’s command. She says you are forgetting, I m also Malwa’s queen, I m just asking you to let me talk to Gunu ji in private, you can do this at least. She signs Gunu ji.

Ahilya says if we stop the project midway, then the money invested will get wasted. Malhar says I can’t move ahead until I solve the people’s problem. Ahilya says I had made a backup plan with Gangoba’s plan, I will say if you permit.

Malhar asks her to say. She says we have taken some land from the landlords, the homeless people can get houses there, they will work in the dam project and earn their living. Malhar asks why would that neighboring landlords give their land. She says there is a right reason for that, we have done many favors on them,

we are asking their land, that’s infertile, their business will get high because of the people migrating there, they will also have a earning, we already made the road plans, it will be easy for the people to travel, Gangoba has the list of the people who would benefit from this project. Khanderao claps for her. Malhar and Gangoba also clap. She smiles.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shuja makes a plan to catch Malhar and Khanderao. Malhar says one person still needs to get punished.

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Telecast Date:3rd August 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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