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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 2nd April 2021 Episode starts with Dwarka talking to Yamuna. Yamuna says you should be with your husband at this time. Dwarka says he is at Ahilya’s service, he has no time for me, like we never had fever, he is caring for Ahilya, Gautama had always tried to get his name, now Ahilya has come, we won’t get anything. She says such things don’t suit you, I have seen you tried a lot, but you didn’t win over Gautama, you left thinking for yourself, but for your daughter and son in law, you will also get the position as Gautama. Dwarka says its my mistake, I had to explain myself that second wife’s place comes after the first wife. Yamuna says no, you can’t fall weak, Vaid said that Ahilya is ill because of mental tension. Dwarka says this had to happen, Gautama punished her. Yamuna says you have to use this, you have to be with Ahilya, you know what to do, I m here to help.

Harku asks how do you feel know. Ahilya says you had told me right, I should have not told that to Sarja, Gautama gets angry on me for everything. She asks do I need to hide this from Malhar also, will I get punished to share matter with family also. She looks at the door. She says there is someone at the door. Harku asks who is it, come in front. Sarja says its me. She meets Ahilya and asks about her health. Ahilya sees Harku and hides the matter. Se says do my work, forget whatever I told you, okay. Sarja says okay, but you get well soon, my parents also asked about you. Ahilya says we can’t meet anyone after marriage, not even our parents. She sees Malhar and Gautama at the door.

Kanoji tells Khanderao about the brave fight with the enemies. He tells about Malhar’s bravery. Khanderao praises his dad. Kanoji says you have to take the name ahead. Khanderao says I have managed everything well, but Ahilya….. if she lies that she had helped me, then I will teach her a lesson. Gautama asks Ahilya to take rest. She asks Sarja to look after the garden, what are you doing here. Ahilya says she is my best friend, she came to meet me, because I m unwell. Sarja goes. Gautama says you will be fine by tomorrow to do the puja, Khanderao and you have to do the puja. Ahilya gets up. Malhar asks her to take rest.

She says you came after a long time, I didn’t know who is with me. She greets him. He blesses her. She greets Gautama and says Harku explained me everything, I will remember it. Malhar asks the matter. Gautama says its matter between us, my way is proved right to teach her something. Ahilya asks shall I ask something. Gautama says now I feel you are Ahilya. Ahilya asks do you punish and teach everything to Khanderao. Gautama sees Malhar. She says you will never change. She goes. Malhar asks her to listen. Dwarka sees Gautama leaving.

Dwarka asks Ahilya how is she. Malhar says I will just come. Dwarka asks Ahilya about her hand sores. Ahilya says its fine. Dwarka says your hands are so hurt. Malhar hears this and stops. He sees Ahilya’s hands and asks how did the sores come. Dwarka says if she grinds haldi all day, then sores will appear, she did that alone without anyone’s help, actually Gautama got upset with her on some matter, she asked her to grind haldi for navratri. Malhar angrily goes. Dwarka recalls Yamuna’s advice. Khanderao asks why did you get me here. Kanoji says I have to show you something. He gets the grass and lights up fire. He asks Khanderao to put off the fire. He says I want to see if you are ready for managing the kingdom. He calls the guard. Khanderao gets the water. Kanoji asks Khanderao to put off the fire by the fire torch. Khanderao asks how can this happen. Kanoji says right, how can hatred, jealousy and anger end by the same, I asked you to take care of your wife, then she will respect you and obey you, if you talk of teaching her a lesson, then you both won’t be friendly, husband and wife should have friendship. He puts off the fire by using water.

Malhar asks how can you make 9 year old girl grind haldi. Gautama says I m doing the same with Ahilya which happened with everyone, Ahilya is the reason, she always makes mistakes. Malhar says she is from a different place, she would be different. She says so I m working hard to mentor her, would I want her to fall ill, no, she had made a big mistake and understood it later, she had apologized to me, you had seen it. He nods. She cries and asks will you question my way, she will be fine, but she needs much time to rectify her mistakes. He says I understand but… She says I don’t think I have made a mistake, you want Ahilya to become like me, let me do this work my way.

He says I want Ahilya to become like you, when I get troubled by Khanderao and ask him to become like me, you tell me that he doesn’t have to prove his capability, he will learn with time, doesn’t this imply to Ahilya, you are there to handle her, you can change her mistakes slowly, she doesn’t need to become the best bahu so soon, why to hurry. She says you can’t compare her with Khanderao, he is my son, its not that I just punish her, I explain her also, she doesn’t like to understand, she wants to be equal with Khanderao, she wants to go to darbar, why, she wants her share from my son’s pride and position, no, I won’t let this happen, I can’t share his things with anyone, never. He looks at her.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd April 2021 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malhar says I will find some way to get your happiness. Khanderao asks why did dad call me now. He goes to Malhar. Malhar says yes, I called you.

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Telecast Date:2nd April 2021
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