Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28th September 2021 Episode starts with Ahilya thanking Parikshit. She says I will always be ready to help you, Khanderao went to Gurukul, I was alone here but between the family, I used to think who would be there with him, you supported him and did a big favor on me. Parikshit smiles. Khanderao says I told you, now you know her. Parikshit says she is sensible, knowledgeable and precious, more than you described her. She asks him to come in.

Gautama says it won’t be good if you and Khanderao stay upset even after 7 years. They go to see Khanderao. Gautama asks the maids where is he. The maid smiles. Gautama asks what happened, tell me, where is he. Maid says he is…. She smiles. Gautama asks what’s happening, tell me, you are just smiling, where is he. Harku comes and says I will tell you. She gives them aarti. Malhar asks where is he. Harku smiles and tells Gautama.

Malhar asks what. Gautama also smiles. He asks what’s the matter, tell me. Gautama says yes, come with me. Gautama tells him. He laughs. He says see your son, he didn’t change. Gautama says what’s bad, he has much courage to hold his wife’s hand and run in the palace, not even you can do that. They laugh. Malhar says I can also do this, but I left few things for my son. She says Ahilya had made Khanderao run a lot in childhood.

He jokes on her. Guard comes and says Khanderao wants to talk to you. Gautama says don’t tell him anything now. He says you are forgetting that I was also young and did such mischief. She asks what will Harku think if she sees us. He says she will know that you have a lovely heart. He goes. Harku thinks I didn’t see him so happy before. She prays for his happiness.

Parikshit says if anything happened to you, then, I wasn’t with you when you needed me. Khanderao says we will stay together in Malwa now, don’t regret. Ahilya asks Parikshit to have food and water. Parikshit says I will have it, but don’t know if I can digest it, I never had food in a palace, I knew Khanderao is a prince, I didn’t know I will become his friend and get a welcome in his palace. She says I serve food to the family, you are his special friend. Malhar and Gautama come there.

Parikshit touches their feet and greets. Khanderao says he is Parikshit, he is from Guru ji’s village, we had become friends there, he is really smart and talented, I invited him to Malwa, saying I will give him the chief post in the army. Malhar says sure, he has to pass in the test, then he will get the post. Khanderao says I know him well, I m recommending him, isn’t this enough, what’s the need to take the test. Malhar says its a rule of Malwa Rajya, you know it, you also gave the test before you were declared the heir.

Khanderao says you didn’t trust my capabilities. Ahilya says Parikshit just come, can’t we talk later about it. Khanderao asks why can’t we end it here, I have promised Parikshit, I m the future king of Malwa, he left his house and village, its imp to know if my promise has any importance or not.

Parikshit says I know about the tests given by the army soldiers, I will be proud to become their chief, you promised me, if I don’t give this test, then how will I get a chance to show my skills to Malhar, this chance is a dream for me. Khanderao sys then I can’t stop your dream from turning true. Parikshit says I m ready to give any test. Ahilya thinks Parikshit is a good friend, he didn’t let father and son fight. Gautama says I will make your arrangements. Malhar asks are you from Guru’s village. Parikshit says yes. Khanderao excuses himself and goes.

Gunu ji and Dhana ji have a talk. Gunu ji says its not easy to convince Maan Singh to help but Khanderao did this, it means he had kept such terms by staying in Gurukul, he can win the mission, I don’t want to lose this chance, I have to prove that I know everything better than him. Dhana ji says great, you are going on a right path, Malhar will realize his mistake soon.

Khanderao goes to the palace. He worries. Tukoji comes and says I was waiting to meet you. Khanderao hugs him. He says you are the one who I told all my feelings. Tukoji asks are you fine, tell me. Khanderao says yes. Tukoji says Ahilya told me about your friend’s coming. Khanderao says Malhar didn’t take time to insult my friend, I know Parikshit was smiling to lessen the tension, I felt upset, maybe he lied seeing the situation,

I wish Malhar has cared for my emotions like Parikshit did. Tukoji says he cares, don’t forget he is a king, he has to follow the rules. Khanderao says relations exist ahead of rules, dad doesn’t trust me, why can’t he believe my choice. Malhar says its not about blindly believing, we should always select a diamond and a person by tests, else it will be our loss. Gautama says you are right, but was it necessary to upset Khanderao, he felt bad.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 29th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malhar asks everyone to give suggestions for Jashan. Khanderao says no need to do anything, I won’t attend this Jashan.

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Telecast Date:28th September 2021
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