Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update


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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 26th November 2021 Episode starts with Ahilya explaining Gautama that Lord can’t see any of the child upset. She says we have to make people happy and wipe their tears, its like worshipping Lord, how can we hurt someone by scratching their wounds, Lord won’t be pleased with us that way.

Dwarka says we can’t win over Ahilya, don’t waste time talking to her. Gautama says you have read some books and telling all this, I have much experience, I know more than you, you tell me, will you listen to me or not. The guards scold Parikshit. Parikshit hears the taunts silently and goes.

Dwarka also scolds Ahilya. Acharya and Mahants have a talk about Khanderao’s decision. Dwarka says this family has gave you a place of a queen, but you are not thankful, you are insulting us this way. Acharya gathers the villagers. He says we have to stop this disaster, widow remarriage is a sin, if a husband dies, then the girl’s stars are at fault, the girl is unlucky and responsible for her own fate, that’s why her marriage can’t happen again, its your work to explain this truth to everyone here. He laughs.

Khanderao and Tukoji have a talk. He says I feel like I m trapped in a big dilemma, Dharm Sabha is right, Dharm can’t be wrong, then I think that Renu and Parikshit aren’t wrong, how can love be wrong, are you thinking that I m being soft hearted towards my friend, its nothing such, but Ahilya… she is supporting them, I know Ahilya and understand her, she never supports the wrong. Tukoji says you really understand her well, when you were not here for many years, I have seen her in the last 7 years,

I have seen her becoming so sensible after getting educated, I didn’t see her fighting for the wrong doers. Khanderao says but what about the society and traditions. Tukoji says we will always have the societal pressure, but I have learnt from Malhar, that a king can’t bend down to this pressure, a king has to know right and wrong and then decide. Khanderao says if Malhar was here, then what would be his decision. Tukoji says Malhar would see the justice to be served first.

Mahants talks to the villagers. He says that girl Renu is responsible for her widowhood, its her bad fate, there are many rules for a widow, its to make a widow repent for her last birth sins. The villagers agree. Tukoji comes to Parikshit and says I understand Parikshit, this will be too tough for you to tolerate this. Parikshit says I can tolerate this, but what about Renu, she is tolerating a lot, we know the place of women in our society, its my mistake to fall in love with Renu,

I didn’t need to show her dreams of a new life, she never wished for anything, she never told anything, I told Ahilya that I want to marry Renu, I didn’t know that this storm will come, Khanderao didn’t assure me that the decision will be taken in our side. Tukoji says he wants to talk to both of you. Parikshit says if he follows the Dharm rules and punish Renu and me, then what, I don’t understand anything,

you tell me, what will happen in the Darbar, whom will Khanderao support, will he also decide it like the villagers. Mahants provoke the villagers against the widows. They say a widow can’t think of her remarriage by breaking the Dharm and traditions, its a big sin. The villagers say the same. Harku comes to Ahilya. She says battle is tough, you have to stay fit and fine. She pacifies Ahilya. She says you have taken a stand for Renu, you have shown courage to challenge the society.

Ahilya says you always stand by me, I thought I have upset you also, what do you think, can I face this challenge. Acharya says humanity will get punished if someone does such a sin and goes against the Dharm. The people worry. Harku says I trust you and your smartness, I know you will argue well in the darbar, that everyone will see Renu and Parikshit with sympathy than hatred. She asks Ahilya to stay strong.

Acharya says if you want to save yourself from the Lord’s anger, then stand with us and stop this bad happening, else you all will face the worst, there will be just destruction. The people say we are with you. Ahilya says I m ready to take any risk, whatever the outcome be, but I m worried for Khanderao and Malwa’s future. She cries. Khanderao comes and asks why are you crying. He asks Harku to tell him, why is Ahilya crying.

Harku asks them to talk. Tukoji says the news is spreading like fire, more people will oppose us. Ahilya says I was thinking of a way to do justice and keep the respect of Dharm also, Malwa throne shouldn’t get into any problem. Gangoba comes. Khanderao asks what’s the matter. Gangoba says I have served this family all my life, I can’t see wrong happening with this family, send Renu to her village as soon as possible, its my request.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gangoba says you won’t want any destruction in Malwa. Ahilya runs to see Renu. The guards break the door. She gets in.

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Telecast Date:26th November 2021
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