Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update


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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th May 2021 Episode starts with Ahilya taking Renu’s help. Renu says flour can be spread in the room. Ahilya says but much flour can’t be bought by one coin, think of something more cheaper. They think. Renu says you can talk to Sarja and ask for cow dung patches to fill the form, she will give it in one coin. Ahilya says no, she will give it to me happily, but I can’t make it her loss. Khanderao comes and says you shouldn’t take any help from them, you want to study, not her, why will she help, it would mean that you aren’t fit to study, don’t take help, tell Renu to go home, else I will tell Gautama that you are cheating, you are taking Renu’s help, then you can’t study. He goes. Renu asks Ahilya not to get sad, she will give the test and pass. Ahilya says I m not sad, he said right, its my test, I have to solve this riddles.

Bana says Dwarka told Ahilya that she can’t answer the riddle, but she is stubborn. Dwarka says I asked Yamuna to follow Ahilya, she will tell us if Ahilya gets the answer. Gautama says don’t do this, I don’t want Malhar to scold me about Ahilya’s matter, since that girl came here, we are just arguing. Bana says yes, he always scolds you. Dwarka laughs. Bana says I mean he gets angry on you. Gautama says Malhar has sworn to educate her, Gangoba has told this to us, he wants to fulfill her wish and present an example for women education, he won’t want her to fail in the test. Dwarka asks what do you mean, he won’t help Ahilya. Gautama says no way, he won’t go against his principles, if we make a mistake, then he won’t let this test happy, he will take Ahilya to Guru ji, then we can’t do anything, so I m asking you to explain Yamuna, she has a habit to act oversmart. Servant comes and says Malhar has called you.

Gautama asks Dwarka and Bana to come along. Ahilya asks Tukoji to help her. He says I m like your brother, just tell me what help you want. She says I want to buy some cotton. Malhar asks his queens to come. He says a good artist has come, I asked him to make our painting. He introduces his wives to the artist. They get seated. Malhar asks him to make their sketch. Gautama asks don’t you have any work today, you look relaxed. Malhar says if I m the husband of four wives, will I stay worried. She says no, you would be worried that Ahilya may fail in the test. He laughs and says I m not scared to lose, I know no one likes to lose, I want Ahilya to win the test and get educated, I m not worried. She says I m surprised. He says I think you don’t trust the riddle yourself, so you look so worried, I m sure of Ahilya’s capability, she will find the answer, you sit and get the painting made, don’t be worried. He goes. She says when did he understand Ahilya so much that he trusts her, not his wife. Ahilya meets the cotton seller. He gives a handful of cotton for one coin.

Ahilya refuses to buy. Tukoji says its fine, let it be. He asks what now. She says we have to think of something cheaper. She asks Kaka to get flowers or petals. Yamuna looks on. Ahilya asks will that fill a room. The man signs no. Ahilya tries other things to fill the room with one coin. Ahilya and Tukoji try to find other things. The man agrees to sell dry grass to fill the room in just one coin. Ahilya thanks him. She measures the big room. She says we will need many sacks to fill this room. Tukoji says we can fill it. She says we have found the riddle so soon. He says if you work with true intentions, you succeed. Dwarka comes to call her. She asks her to give wages to the workers. Ahilya asks her to give the coins. She asks Tukoji to get the sacks till then. She goes.

Tukoji says I will just come. Dwarka smiles. Ahilya asks the men about their work and pays them the money. The man asks for two coins for ten sacks of the grass. She asks what. Khanderao says you heard what he said, give the money. She gives the money. He says you don’t know anything, you thought you will get many sacks in one coin, Tukoji got that grass seller, who is indebted to Malhar’s favors, he can give sacks for free, Tukoji got him to help you, take the grass and fill the room, go to Gautama and show your pride, you can get it by cheating. She cries and leaves. Dwarka comes to Khanderao. They smile.

Ahilya doesn’t take the grass sacks. She asks the man to take it back. He asks why. She says I just told you, go. The man goes. She asks Tukoji why did he do this, so many sacks don’t come in one coin, the man gave the sacks to keep Malhar’s respect.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malhar asks why do you look worried. Ahilya says I think I can’t study, I m trying hard, but I couldn’t find anything that’s cheapest, that can fill the room. He asks what did Gautama tell you, its about a housewife’s quality, think about something by its value and use.

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Telecast Date:25th May 2021
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