Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 13th September 2022 Episode starts with Ahilya saying I wanted some talented person to train them, so I thought of Sadashiv. Khanderao inaugurates the training centre. He says I want Tukoji to read out the decision aloud. Tukoji reads the terms and conditions, rules and instructions for the Malwa women.

He says Sarja and Dushyant will have the responsibility of this centre. The man asks why did they get this responsibility. Ahilya says a person’s passion matters more than talent, we want someone who believes in this decision, Sarja and Dushyant are determined, our talented soldiers will train the women.

Khanderao welcomes the women. Tukoji says the chief position of this training centre will be occupied by Ahilya. Ahilya looks on shocked. Khanderao says but I had given this position to Gangoba, why did you change this. Ahilya says I didn’t make any change.

Tukoji says your name is written here by cutting off Gangoba’s name. Dwarka recalls getting the contract from the guard, and giving it to Nehru. Nehru makes the changes in the document. Ahilya says I didn’t do this.

Gangoba says final stamp is yours, I have no interest in this position, but you didn’t do good by insulting me, keep me away from this work, because I also have a self esteem, even Sadashiv won’t become a part of this plan. She says no, I have called him, he is talented sword fighter, I wanted…

He says that he gets defeated to women and gets insulted, you know Malhar has announced him unqualified, even then you hired him to insult, you are a queen, you can decide anything, but not interfere in anyone’s personal life. He stops Khanderao. He says Sadashiv has pending work, sorry.

They leave. Dhana ji sees Malerao and everyone going for Vanbhojan. He looks at Malerao. Khanderao comes to Gangoba and says Ahilya has no idea about the papers. Gangoba asks him not to talk about it. Khanderao asks are the soldiers and weapons ready, I want to leave for Jaipur mission tomorrow, I want your opinion.

Gangoba asks him to stop Ahilya in time if he wants a safe future for Malwa, else… Ahilya looks on. Gangoba sees her and says sorry. He leaves. Khanderao asks her not to worry, its not the right time to talk to Gangoba. She cries. Gautama and Parvati get Malerao for vanbhojan.

Guard asks the cooks to serve the food for Malerao and everyone. The men recall Dhana ji’s words. The real cooks are held captive. Malerao says we will have much fun here. The goons serve the food to everyone. Malerao and everyone eat the food. They all faint. Dhanaji comes to check.

He asks the goons to take malerao. Harku and guards come. Harku catches Dhana ji at the sword point. She asks Dhanaji to show his face. Dhana ji pushes his man in front and run. The run tries to run. Harku catches him. She asks why did you do this, tell me, I m asking for the last time, who send you, tell me else…

He says I will say, we are Ishwari Singh’s guards, we made the plan to kidnap Malerao. She asks didn’t your soul shake before making such a plan. The man says someone from the palace is also involved with us. She asks what, tell me the name, who is the traitor. The man says his name is ….


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahilya sees Sarja talking to the guard. Sarja asks the guard did anyone check the papers. He says yes. She asks who.


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