Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 13th May 2022 Episode starts with Ahilya getting the food for Khanderao. He fixes his dhol. He says you always get busy in discussions. She keeps the food plate. He says you mostly have discussions against me, did you take medicines. She nods. He says if you attend the rasam tomorrow, then how will you reach the darbar.

She says Tukoji will fight from my side, I explained him. He asks can this happen, strange, you have left the darbar work for the household work, you didn’t understand when I told you, it maybe because your mum told you. She asks him to play the music. He says tune isn’t setting, so I can’t play it. She cries and leaves.

Its morning, Renuka prays in her house. Tukoji and Gangoba come. Tukoji says I have to explain something, Ahilya won’t come in the darbar today. She asks what. Harku and Rakma come to meet Ahilya. Ahilya smiles. Harku compliments her.

Ahilya asks did Tukoji and Renuka reach the darbar, did any message come. Rakma asks don’t you trust him. Ahilya says its not like that. Rakma says then focus on rasam. Harku asks what do you mean to say.

Rakma says Ahilya is Khanderao’s wife, she will become mum of the heir, Shiv ji is ready to bless her, focus on this moment. Ahilya says I m also excited for this rasam, my world is completing with this baby, same way I want to complete someone’s world. Gangoba says Ahilys is busy with personal work. Renuka says I won’t go to darbar without her. Ahilya’s mum asks Ahilya to dedicate herself to family.

Ahilya nods. Rakma looks on and says its much of your greatness, you will just be a wife and bahu in this palace like me. Tukoji says don’t worry, Ahilya told me how to fight there. Renuka says no, I can’t face Kailash there without her.

Gangoba says everyone has arrived there. She says I don’t know anything, not you both and not the person who came here yesterday. Tukoji asks who. She says if Ahilya doesn’t come, then I will accept that I will not get any justice and happiness, Ahilya had saved my life, but its fine if she can’t support me. She cries.

Ahilya sits for the Oti rasam. The women are there. The rasam begins. Her mum asks her to always give priority to her family. Tukoji comes to meet Ahilya. Rakma stops him. He says its really imp about someone’s life. She asks him to think of making his life better, he has a chance to show his talent alone without Ahilya.

She asks him to go and fulfil his responsibility, show everyone that you are capable. He asks her to take her message. She goes. Someone is seen. Khanderao is in darbar. He says Tukoji will keep Renuka’s matter, Renuka didn’t reach here for some reason, Kailash is here. Gunu ji says Kailash couldn’t come because of his health, we can prove this by talking to the Vaid, find out why Renuka didn’t come here.

Tukoji says Renuka has refused to come in Ahilya’s absence, she doesn’t trust anyone. Ahilya is still in the rasam. Gautama asks Ahilya to have the panchamrit every morning, it has milk, curd, ghee, sugar and honey. Ahilya smiles. Dwarka sits to taunt her. Gunu ji asks why, Renuka has truth with her, and truth will make her win,

then why is she scared to come, Renuka knows that her tears and womanhood won’t help here. Tukoji worries. Gautama says we will have the food here, is it fine, Ahilya. Ahilya nods. Bhola comes crying and calls out Ahilya.

Ahilya says he is Bhola, I know her. She asks him what happened. Bhola says Renuka was crying a lot. He tells her everything. Ahilya cries. Gangoba says we are strangers for Renuka, she just know Ahilya and trusts her, we should delay this matter for one more day. Malhar thinks.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gangoba says if Renuka doesn’t come in darbar, then she doesn’t know the problem she will face. Ahilya’s mum stops her and asks will you choose my respect or the darbar.

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Telecast Date:13th May 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


  1. These selfish women and their stupid rituals! It could have waited a day, it is not more important than a poor village woman’s life! Ahilya’s mother has become as stupid as Takoji’s wife – so shameful. They deserve no respect at all.


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