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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 11th November 2022 Dwarka asks Ahilya why did she insult Gunuji. Ahilya says I just asked him to follow rules. Dwarka says he is my son in law and I know Khanderao is future king but Khanderao is weak and he needs someone like Gunuji to help him and Khanderao had asked Gunuji to participate and how could you ask him to leave.

Ahilya says stop demotivating Khanderao by calling him Ill and weak because he is not, you must gave heard Shankhdhvani and he has that strength that Delhi will see Maratha Flag in Delhi and Gunuji if he follows rules he will be respected and ask him to stand for himself and not send someone on his behalf.

Kulguruji meets everyone. Kulguruji looks at Khanderao. Khanderao asks whats wrong. Kulguruji says I see pain, are you in pain. Ahilya says he was ill but now he is fine. Kulguruji says no he is not, I still see h in danger. Malharrao says tell us in detail please.

Gunuji meets Mansingh. Mansingh says Surajmal received your message and how come Malwa wants to meet his enemy. Gunuji says Surajmal has enemity with Khanderao and I am loyal towards Malwa throne and I will betray anyone for that throne and so I will incline my support to Surajmal. Mansingh says but Khanderao, Gunuji says Khanderao won’t return after Delhi, and once I get throne Surajmal will get peace for killing Khanderao.

Kulguruji on a board makes something. Khanderao asks Ahilya what is this. Ahilya says he has future vision and whatever he says never goes wrong. Kulguruji says and I never will and Khanderao are you going to some war.

Khanderao says yes. Guatama asks is there any danger. Khanderao says there is danger in every situation and I am filled with positivity after long time. Dwarka says kulguruji is Khanderao is in some danger then, Kulguruji says time os very powerful, God has decided everything, Malharao says if you see some danger I won’t let him and diya goes off,

everyone gets worried. Gautama says this is not good, Khanderao can’t go. Khanderao says I can’t step back. Gautama says Kulguruji please te him. Kulguruji says all I can say this time the challenge is difficult. Malharrao asks can we do something. Kulguruji says Khanderao has to have control on his emotions,

anger and happiness and take it as a very important advice. Khanderao says sure. Kulguruji blesses Khanderao and says Ahilya you are Malwa’s bhagyavidata, don’t let the sun set in Malwa, you have the strength and capability to fight every challenge and I shall leave now my work is done here.

Gautama and Malharao follow Kulguruji. Guatama says to Malharao all this doesn’t seem right, I am scared for Khanderao. Guatama says you are warriors wife and mother too and Kulguruji has given his advice to Khanderao and every war is difficult but I have faith Khanderao will win.

Ahilya thinks of Kulguruji’s words. Khanderao walks to her. Khanderao holds her hand and asks where was she lost. Ahilya says I was just thinking of past, how I came here as your bride its so long I have been here, and look we have kids and they are so big too. Ahilya in tears. Khanderao says why are you restless. Ahilya says I don’t know, these memories I don’t know why are making me restless, I can see every moment spent with you and I feel scared and you are going on war too.

Khanderao says Ahilya I have gone before too and I have always return with victory and if you keep getting restless and if I think of past memory I just see you as my strength and then why are you so worried.

Ahilya says sasubai says Kulguruji never comes this way and then he ce specially for you which means there is something. Khanderao says I know, everyone is worried by his arrival but he was right, we are in hardship and we have fought it, and I have controlled this drug and so will I have control on my anger and emotions, don’t be so scared. Ahilya says you never said no to me, today I want you to ask something, take me as well.

Khanderao says I will be in Delhi and Babasaheb in Pune then who will look after here and I have your love nothing can go wrong and I will come back to you with victory, now go lets sleep I have to leave tomorrow, Ahilya asks can she rest her head on his shoulder. Khanderao hugs her.

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahilya says to Malharrao she wants Ramzani to accompany Khanderao.Mansingh gives few men to Gunuji and asks him to add them in Khanderao’s team and rest will be handled.

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Telecast Date:11th November 2022
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