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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 11th January 2021 Episode starts with Mankoji asking how can the cow go when I brought it here. The man says Mankoji’s daughter Ahilya took her. Ahilya gets Kapila home and says now the calf is happy. Sushila asks did the puja get over, how did you come soon. Mankoji and villagers come. Mankoji calls her out. He says I took Kapila for the puja, but you got her home before puja, why did you do this. Ahilya says Aai told me that puja isn’t fruitful if anyone stays hungry because of it, Kapila’s child was hungry, Kapila was also sad, so I got Kapila home to her child, did I do a mistake. He says yes, you did a mistake today, a very big mistake.

She cries. Mankoji says Kapila had to come home after puja, what was the hurry, you could have asked at least. Malhar looks on. Pandit says Ahilya is lovely girl, but she doesn’t know to follow rules and customs, she argued that day that she wants to do the puja rituals, being a girl, and today she came here with the Gaumata, you know that this puja was imp for our village, if its incomplete, then its not good.

Mankoji says yes, she made a mistake, I m sorry, you may punish me. Ahilya says no, you say that one who did mistake should be punished, I did a mistake, I will be punished. Pandit says she is right, she did a mistake, she will repent. Ahilya says dad is angry, I can’t help, Kapila’s child was crying in hunger. Sushila asks what was the need to do this. Ahilya says I feel scared when you are not at home, the calf is just one day old, how can she stay away from her mum.

She says the puja is happening for village’s good, Kapila and her child are also from village, who will do good to them. Mankoji says don’t argue. Pandit says one day, her behavior will ruin the village, don’t know what new problem will come this time, last year it didn’t rain, if Indradev isn’t happy this time, then it will be a problem.

Malhar and Gangoba come out to them. Malhar says Lord can’t curse the village for mistakes done by kids, you are a big Gyaani, you will have some solution for it. Pandit asks who are you, you aren’t from this village. Mankoji says he is my guest. Malhar stops Gangoba. Mankoji says we have to respect the guest, he gave a suggestion, its in our hands to listen to it or not. Malhar says why to worry and waste time thinking of future, its imp to solve the solution, you think repentance will end the problem, then say what is it. Pandit says Lord will not get angry on us. The men discuss.

Pandit says after talking to everyone, we have decided that Mankoji have to give a gold cow to the temple, we will do Abhishek, Ahilya will get water from the river, this will be the repentance. Ahilya says I can’t lift that heavy pot. Sushila asks how will she lift the heavy pot, even adults can’t do it. Pandit asks Mankoji can this happen or not. Mankoji thinks. He says yes, we have to repent. Ahilya cries. She runs away.

She hugs the Shivling. Mankoji says she always comes to me when she is hurt, now I have made her upset, she would have gone to her Shiv Shambu. Ahilya talks to Shiv and cries. Sushila worries for Ahilya. She says Pandit gave such a tough solution, how will Ahilya do this.

Renu goes to Ahilya and says I knew it, I will find you here, this time things went wrong, you got Kapila home before puja. Ahilya says everyone scolded me, dad was also angry, you just go, I don’t want to talk to anyone. Renu loosens her hair. She says my hair got loose, just see. Ahilya asks can’t you manage your hair, wait, I will tie it. Renu says you are there to tie it. She says elders can’t understand us, I m asking Aai to take me to fair, she scolded me, she asked me to go to Sasural tomorrow. She asks why don’t they understand us. Ahilya says I don’t know I made a mistake or not, Kapila and her child were happy when they met, but my mum and dad got scolded, I think I made a big mistake. Gangoba says she took away the cow before puja, its not a small mistake, I would have not asked her to do this small repentance, its her parents’ mistake that they didn’t teach any rules to her. Malhar looks at him. Sushila says I couldn’t teach her anything. He asks do you think she did a mistake. She asks don’t you think so. He says I had to agree with pandit, I don’t know I did right or wrong. She says you did right, it was a big problem in the puja, what will happen of this village if we don’t repent.

Malhar asks why are people scared before the result, everyone is saying about the drought. Gangoba says everyone is scared of the disaster. Mankoji says Kapila should have been there in puja, but Ahilya chose humanity than Dharm, she got Kapila to her child, we are tied by our customs, that girl is thinking by her heart, I don’t know I took the right decision or made a mistake to get Ahilya punished. Sushila says its done, no need to be sorrowful now. He says Ahilya was scared hearing about repentance, she was seeing me with hope, but I couldn’t save her, did she really make a big mistake. Malhar says no, I don’t think that girl is wrong. Gangoba asks why are you doing injustice. Malhar says customs are made for special reason, but its in our hands when you keep it, if I had blindly followed all customs, I would have not become a Subedaar, that girl reminds me my childhood. Gangoba says because that girl likes animals. Malhar says yes, she has courage and bravery, she has the right thinking, I m surely say that her future will write a new history.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahilya takes the pot on her head. She recalls Malhar’s words.

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