Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update


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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 10th November 2022 Khanderao arrives on horse, Ahilya Malharrao and Malerao very happy. Khanderao walks to them and takes Malharao’s blessings. Malharao hugs him and says I saw my Khanderao today, who is furious and a brave warrior. Khanderao says Malerao you are right, a son is shadow of his father and always remember me this way always. Malharao asks Khanderao is he ready for Delhi.

Khanderao says yes and leaves with Malharao and Malerao. Ramzani walks to Ahilya. Ahilya says you have always helped me and your contribution will always be remembered, I am very grateful to you. Ramzani thinks Khanderao is more than just a king to me. Ahilya thinks I know you have something more for Khanderao and I can see that in your eyes.

Holkars perform aarti, Malharao gives shankh to Khanderao to initiate Delhi plan. Khanderao blows the shell. Dwarka closes her ears in her room and says to Gunuji that we lost again, this war would be a great move for Khanderao and will make him more popular. Gunuji says don’t worry he is taking me along with me and this will be his last.

Dwaraka says I want to be rajmata and you get the throne and so I am supporting you and nothing against Khanderao’s life. Gunuji says try to understand what I am saying, I said this will be his last means he won’t fight later and thinks our dreams will come true when Khanderao will die.

Malharao blesses Khanderao. Khanderao says whenever you bless me with so much love I feel God is blessing me and its your love I am standing here and able to say I will make you proud. Malharao says I have faith in you and go start the executive meeting, I won’t accompany you, this plan will be executed fully on your thoughts and so you will lead everything and you have my blessings.

Gautama asks Malharao why didn’t he go in the meeting. Malharao says you have seen me lead so many wars but today I feel tired and feel like I should rest and give all the work in Khanderao’s hand because for the first te I have seen the capability in his eyes. By fighting such lethal ment war he is out grown himself and he now knows his responsibilities and now I should give up throne and pass it on to Ahilya. Gautama happy and in tears. Malharao says I will announce him King once he is back from Delhi.

Kulguru arrives, Malharao is informed about his arrival. Gautama and Malharao get worried.
Khanderao explains his plan against Surajmal. Gangoba says very neat and detailed plan. Khanderao says Gangoba Kaka, is Jayapa Shinde joining us. Ganoba says he will be with Malharao in Pune and.join us later. Gunuji walks in,

Ahilya stops Khanderao and says to Gunuji this is executive secret meeting I don’t think you should be part of this, I am sorry but we have to follow rules because he is just a soldier for us. Ganoba says Ahilya is right and we all should follow rules including relatives. Gunuji says I forgot my place, I am sorry and leaves.

Khanderao continues discussion, Ahilya gets suspicious about Gunuji.

Malharao and Gautama welcome Kulguruji and perform his aarti. Kulguruji ask Malharrao is everything fine in the vada. Malharao says yes but why. Kulguruji says I felt like you all need me today. Malharao asks him to come inside. Kulguruji says I want to meet everyone. Gautama says you come in, I will gather everyone.

Gunuji is given Prasad of Khanderao’s shankhnath, he gets angry and throws it and says go tell your Ahilya I am not an ordinary soldier and I swear I will take revenge of thos insult when I will climb to the most prestigious post here.

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kulguruji asks Khanderao is he going to Delhi. Khanderao says yes. Malharao asks kulguruji if there is something to worry they won’t let Khanderao go. The diya goes off.

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Telecast Date:10th November 2022
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