Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is the commitment towards our users who are utmost important to us. We respect your privacy which is basic need for every individual.

As the owner of the this website: we will explicitly ensure our users that your personal information will never be disclose to any a another person.

Although we may use some basic information of users and collected that information to provide you better services. To illustrate this, we list some points a below in order to guide you of our privacy policy statements:

Non-personal information:

When visitors access our website, website may collect statistical information which includes IP address, domain name, your access timing,your email address, the type of pages you click, every time you visit the website.Which are important to provide you better services when next time you visited the website & it should not collect any personal information.

About Cookies

Cookies are short text file which are download on your computer or mobile whenever you visit the website, Which helps us to provide you the best content and  the page which is beneficial for you. We also wants to inform you that you have the authority to block cookies but after that we are unable to provide our best services and it will neither beneficial for user or the website.

Third Party advertising

We uses third party advertising services which mainly includes Google, to serve ads when you visit our Website: These companies may use your basic information to provide you goods and services that may be of interest to you but not any personal information.

Public platforms

This website makes forums, message boards & comments available to its users. These are public forums and its user responsibility that he/she will not provide any personal information on these platforms because your every action become public & anyone can misuse it.


We provide reasonable security methods to prevent unauthorized access to the Sites, to maintain data accuracy and to ensure the correct use of the information we hold.

Changes and Updates in the policy

As the technology and internet resources are always changes, We may alter our privacy policy from time to time to incorporate necessary changes in technology.The user should always revise our privacy policy periodically to find the changes and updates in the policy.