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Pratigya 2 9th June 2021 Pratigya comes to Krishna and says thank you for the gift. Krishna says I didn’t say sorry but you thank me. Pratigya says that’s cheating, I am taking my thank you back. Krishna laughs, they both talk and enjoy each other’s company. Pratigya smiles and leaves from there. Krishna keeps looking at her.

Adarsh tells the family that I saw Shakti with someone, he looked your man, you gave money to him. Sumitra says Shakti extorted his family before too, what is going on? Shakti says I am telling the truth, someone snatched it from me. Sajjan says just tell me the truth, who did you give the money to? Shakti says you all are doubting me? Someone stole it from me but I will find that man and get the money back. Sajjan says you are a useless man, Adarsh will do all your jobs from now on. Shakti says what? I am your son, I was doing all your work and you are taking everything from me for this cheap man? Sajjan says I have taken the decision. Shakti says great, I should leave from here. He goes from there. Adarsh smirks.

The seller brings sarees to the house. Sumitra, Meera and Kesar are choosing sarees for pooja. The seller says I told Krishna to buy more sarees but he just bought one saree today. Sumitra says what? He bought a saree? Meera says he never buys these things. Sumitra says he must have wanted to surprise you.

Pratigya gets ready in the saree. Kesar calls her so Pratigya tells her that Krishna bought a saree for me, I am keeping a fast for him so you need to help me. Kesar says sure, anything. She sees Shakti coming there so cuts the call. Pratigya smiles at her saree.

Meera is waiting for Krishna and thinks maybe he wanted to surprise me. Krishna comes there. Meera says give me the gift. Krishna says what? Meera says I know everything. Krishna thinks how does she know about the gift? He says what gift? Meera says give me my gift. All come there. Sumitra says the seller came and told us that you bought for a saree for her so give it to her. Meera says I have been waiting for it, give me the gift. Is that a gift for me or for someone else? Tell me. Krishna shouts what do you mean? I buy gifts for my staff so I should tell you every time? Stop interrogating me, I don’t ask you what you do in a day. Sumitra says she is just asking who did you give saree to, she is your wife. Meera asks Krishna what is he hiding? Did you buy the saree for your secretary? Krishna says yes, I bought it for her. All look on. He says so what? What’s the issue? Do I have to tell everything to you? Meera says you should have just cared for me, you never bought anything for me but you are buying sarees for another woman? You never buy gifts for your staff so who is she to you? Krishna says is this my house or jail? Meera cries and leaves. Sajjan asks Krishna to pacify her. Krishna says let her cry and she will come back to her senses. Sumitra says she is your wife, she left her house for you, she has been waiting for the gift but you scolded her, go and talk to her, bring her to dinner. Krishna reluctantly goes to her. Adarsh says Meera was not wrong, Krishna shouldn’t have talked to her like this. Kesar smirks. Shakti says you like Meera being scolded? Adarsh glares at him and leaves. Shakti thinks Krishna is becoming like an old lover, I have to find out who this secretary is.

Meera is crying in her room. Krishna comes to her and asks her to stop crying, you doubt me and then you expect me to pacify you? Come and have dinner. Meera says I won’t come, tell me why did you buy a saree for that girl? Krishna says don’t eat then, he leaves from there. Meera weeps.

Krishna angrily leaves the house. Sumitra says he is doing the wrong thing. She goes to talk to Meera.

Krishna comes to a bar and recalls Meera’s words, why he bought a saree for his secretary? He gets drunk and imagines Pratigya sitting there. He says you are here too? I had to hear so much at my house because of your wishes, I am your boss but I am a husband too. You have seen my softer side but if I get angry then.. The waiter comes there and asks if he is fine? Krishna sees that he was imagining Pratigya. He asks the waiter to go away. Krishna says I am too drunk. I am imagining Pratigya everywhere, why do I keep thinking about her?


Pratigya 2 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Krishna is drunk so Pratigya drives him home. She brings him out of the car but he falls on her. They are close to each other. Meera sees this from the balcony.

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Telecast Date:9th June 2021
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