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Pratigya 2 8th June 2021 Meera says we shouldn’t wait for some girl. Krishna gets angry and leaves from there. Sumitra says he won’t come back. Meera says that girl made him angry. Sumitra says he won’t spare her now, he is so angry, he will fire her. Kesar says Adarsh should work for our business. Sajjan says he is not dying hungry, he can get everything in this house. Sajjan calls someone and asks Shakti to go and give money to him. Adarsh says I can go. Shakti says I don’t trust him with money. Adarsh says you are right, you shouldn’t trust anyone. Shakti says I am his son, he can trust me. Adarsh says don’t get angry, I was not talking about you. Shakti takes the bag and leaves. Adarsh thinks I will teach him a lesson.

Krishna comes to the hotel and asks the manager to call the secretary, ask her to stay outside. Type her firing letter. Pratigya comes there so the guard stops her outside. Krishna comes there and throws her termination letter, he says don’t come here again, I got insulted by my family, you were not even taking my call, who do you think you are? If you don’t care about my words or my orders then there is no place for you. Pratigya says it’s not like that, I had an accident. Krishna says now you are going to lie? I am not a fool. Pratigya says let me show you. She shows her bandage on the hand and says I have a life and I have problems too, you fired me just because I couldn’t come to lunch? Krishna asks her to get lost otherwise he will throw her out. Pratigya sadly leaves from there. The manager tells Krishna that it was not her fault, please stop her. Pratigya prays for Krishna to stop her. He says I won’t.

Krishna comes to his cabin and looks for his files but can’t find them.

Pratigya cries and thinks I lost my chance to be close to him. Krishna comes to the garden and says it was just a secretary, I will find another one. He sees Pratigya there and goes to her. He says what are you doing here? Why are you wasting time? You don’t know your duties? Who will work in the hotel if you are standing here idly? Pratigya says but you just fired me. Krishna says so I will ask you to jump from the cliff and you will? Just go and do your work, I don’t need your sorry. Pratigya says no, you need to tell me sorry. Krishna says I will say sorry to you? Krishna Singh Thakkur, will say sorry to you? Pratigya says why can’t you? Did court forbid you? You fired me without asking the reason so you have to say sorry. Krishna says I am my own court, just go and do your work. Pratigya says your ego is not allowing you but you will have to say sorry sometime, she goes into the hotel smiling. Krishna looks at her and smiles.

Scene 2
Shakti brings money to the site. He gets a call and is walking on the road. A biker snatches the money bag from him and drives away. Shakti shouts at him to stop. The biker was Adarsh.

Pratigya brings files to Krishna and says I have seen people who say sorry to have big hearts. Krishna says I won’t say sorry to you. Pratigya says yeah, you can’t say it but you can give me a gift as repentance. Krishna says you embarrassed me too in front of my family. Pratigya says so you agree that you did a mistake? Krishna asks her to focus on her work. Pratigya says if you don’t tell me, sorry then I won’t talk to you. She starts working on the files. Krishna eyes her and smiles. Yeh aina plays, Pratigya glances at him.

Krishna calls the seller and asks him to send the best saree from his shop. The seller says you are buying for your wife? I will send the best design. Krishna ends the call and smiles at Pratigya. She is miffed and leaves from there.

Sumitra tells Meera and Kesar that the seller is coming with sarees for the function. Shakti comes there and says someone snatched the money bag from me. Adarsh comes there. Sajjan says you have ashamed me Shakti. Shakti says I forgot my gun. Adarsh comes there and says I was calling you on the road but you didn’t see me. Shakti says don’t irritate me. Adarsh says I saw you giving money to someone on the court road. All are stunned.

Krishna sees Pratigya working in the hotel. She finds a gift on the table and opens it to find a pretty saree. Pratigya smiles and says this is such a good saree, who would give me a gift? She recalls how she asked Krishna to give her a gift. Pratigya smiles and thinks Thakkur Sahab is melting.


Pratigya 2 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meera asks Krishna to give the saree to her. He says what? Meera says you brought that saree for your secretary right? Krishna shouts yes, it was for her.

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Telecast Date:8th June 2021
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