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Pratigya 2 8th April 2021 Krishna tells Garv that your father is with you, don’t worry. I will make everything fine. Sumitra comes there and says why didn’t you tell me? I would never go against my son and grandson. I am your mother. Krishna hugs her and says I am at peace now, he asks her to not cry, it’s about the law so I couldn’t tell anyone. I just wanted to protect Garv. Sumitra says nothing will happen to Garv.

Krishna comes to Sajjan. Sajjan asks him to tell everything that happened. Krishna says Garv locked in a car, it was driving and hit Balwant’s son. I found out and took Garv from there. Then I went to the site to remove proofs. I couldn’t understand anything but I had to do something so Pratigya won’t get the forensic report. I asked Radhe to take the blame on himself, he agreed in a heartbeat and went to the police. Sajjan says so Radhe died because of you? Krishna says Balwant messed up everything. Sajjan asks when did he meet Radhe last time? Krishna says I met him near the gang river. Sajjan says you have to remove all proofs of your meeting with Radhe.

Sajjan brings Krishna to the garden and asks him to dig. Krishna digs and finds an ammunition box there. Sajjan says 9 years ago, Pratigya brought me on the right path so I buried these here thinking I will never touch the gun again but it’s fate. I have to do for my blood, I will go against Pratigya to protect my grandson. He takes the gun and says you have to free Pratigya from the case. We can’t hurt her so try to stop her. Krishna thinks about it.

Scene 2
Komal is making Garv eat and says you don’t have to worry. Sajjan comes there and says I will make your world, don’t worry. Komal asks Sajjan to go and sleep. He leaves. Komal sees Adarsh’s gift. She says I told him to not do all this but he doesn’t listen. She opens it and finds his letter which says to not worry about Garv, he will be safe. She finds a sacred thread in the box and smiles.

In the morning, Dhara and Balwant come to the site where Radhe came last. Dhara starts beating people. Balwant says we will find CCTV footage here.

Pratigya comes to ganga river site as well. Adarsh finds her there and says you here? Pratigya says this is your cafe? He says yes. Pratigya says can I see CCTV footage of that day? He says yes and takes her to the security room. Pratigya sees that day’s footage has been deleted. She asks if someone came here? Adarsh calls his worker. A worker comes there and says two people came here and beat everyone around. Pratigya shows him Balwant’s photo and asks if it was this man? He says yes. Pratigya thinks he must be searching who met Radhe here.

Pratigya calls Krishna and says I don’t know why Balwant is working against me. He deleted the CCTV footage before I could see it. Krishna asks her to calm down and ends the call. Krishna tells Sajjan that your mind worked at the right time, it’s good we deleted the footage before Pratigya or Balwant could get it. Sajjan says we have to be careful, Pratigya can’t know that Garv was in the car. You have to focus on distracting Pratigya. Krishna gets a call and the man says I know who killed Balwant’s son, Krishna says then call Balwant. The man says I know your son killed Balwant’s son. Come and meet me. Krishna gets worried.


Pratigya 2 9th April 2021 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Adarsh gives Krishna’s watch to Pratigya and says he came to my cafe.Balwant tells Pratigya to look in her house, someone from her family might have deleted the footage.Pratigya comes to Krishna and asks him to promise on her if he deleted the footage? Krishna and Sajjan look on.

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Telecast Date:8th April 2021
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