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Pratigya 2 4th June 2021 Krishna asks Pratigya what was all that? That guy was calling you my wife and you were smiling? My wife doesn’t go out of the house much but that doesn’t mean you will act like my wife. Pratigya says then why didn’t you stop him? I didn’t want to say anything when you wouldn’t. You are my boss so I was silent. Krishna says don’t teach me anything, I am late to go to home because of you. Pratigya says you are driving. Krishna says you keep talking to me, it’s my sister’s wedding today. Pratigya says Komal is getting married but whom? Krishna says you know my sister too? Are you stalking me? I won’t tell you who she is getting married to. Pratigya says don’t tell me, I was sharing your happiness. Krishna asks her to stop interfering in his life.

Shakti grabs Adarsh and tells the family that I have found the truth about this man. He was talking to God and he said that he doesn’t love Komal, he wants to take revenge on her. He was telling that he will take everything away from Komal. He shouts at Adarsh that I won’t let you do anything with my sister. Adarsh says I know you don’t like me but you are trying to destroy your sister’s life. Krishna comes there. Adarsh says everyone is fine with me but you don’t want to see your sister happy, I was praying to God to make me marry to Komal. Krishna asks what happened? Adarsh says he never wanted me to marry Komal. He even asked me to kill a man and I did to marry Komal. He thinks I am marrying Komal for some revenge. Krishna says which revenge? Adarsh says I don’t know. Shakti says what were you telling God then? Adarsh says I was praying to have a peaceful life with Komal. Adarsh tells Krishna that I love Komal a lot and I am going to do anything for her, how can I stop him from hating me? Shakti says I will kill you today. Sumitra pulls him aside and says I am doubtful of him too but if you don’t stop then Komal will tell everything to Krishna. Adarsh asks Krishna what can he do to prove his love? Krishna asks if anyone has any proof against Adarsh? He tells Shakti that if you don’t have proof then stop this drama, Adarsh and Komal will get married today only.

Scene 2
Adarsh and Komal sit in the mandir. He recalls what she did with him. He gets married to her. Meera thinks why didn’t Krishna comes last night? She goes to Krishna’s car and finds an earring there. She recalls how Krishna said that he was alone last night. She thinks what is happening these days? She hides it and goes with him.

Pratigya is in the hotel and smiles recalling her night with Krishna. She sees two men bringing a small girl there. They drag her to a room. Pratigya thinks there is something wrong. I have to help the girl. She thinks to call Krishna.

Sumitra welcomes Komal and Adarsh into the house. She does their aarti. Meera thinks what is Krishna hiding from me? Was he with his secretary? Krishna gives his phone to Meera and goes to Adarsh’s aarti. His phone rings so he takes it from her and leaves. Adarsh enters the house and glares at Shakti.

Pratigya calls Krishna and says some men brought a girl here and she looked scared. What should I do? Meera keeps an eye on Krishna. Krishna says what are you doing in the hotel at this time? It’s not your job to do security, your duty has finished so just go home. He ends the call.

Pratigya sees the goons taking a girl from there and thinks I have to help her. She takes the drinks from the staff.

Krishna thinks why do I feel like I did a mistake by telling her to leave? Meera thinks Krishna was scolding her like a cheap staff and I was doubting him. She hugs him but he pushes her away and says don’t touch me.

Pratigya comes to the hotel like room service. She sees the girl scared, sitting with two men. She asks why is this girl crying? He says she is our sister. The girl says save me please, they kidnapped me. Pratigya says do you know the crime? I will call the police so leave. The man says our father has business with Sajjan and Krishna. You can’t do anything about us so leave from here. Pratigya says I am not going to be silent, I don’t care what your father does, if you don’t leave then I will call the police. The man asks her to get lost. They push her outside the room and Pratigya sees Krishna standing there.


Pratigya 2 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sumitra asks Krishna to call his secretary at home for lunch. Krishna calls Pratigya and asks her to come to his house for lunch. At lunchtime, Pratigya doesn’t show up. Krishna calls her but she doesn’t pick up. Shakti asks who is the boss? Krishna goes to the hotel and terminates Pratigya’s job, he asks her to not come back.

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Telecast Date:4th June 2021
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