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Pratigya 2 31st May 2021 Krishna tells Pratigya that I hope you work like you give lectures, you are hired for some days. Pratigya thanks him.

Pratigya shows Krishna the hotel around. She lovingly looks at him and brings him to the lift. Krishna says I can use the lift. Pratigya says why? Are you scared of the lift? He says I am not and gets inside. The lights go off suddenly and Pratigya acts scared, she hugs him and says what happened? I am scared of the dark. She recalls all their loving moments. Krishna could feel something and thinks she is some other woman then why am I not able to make her move away? The lights come back and Pratigya moves away. She sees her lipstick mark on his shirt but he goes out and scolds the staff. He looks at Pratigya and thinks why do I feel a connection with her?

Sajjan calls Adarsh and says you are going to be part of the family so I want to show what we are. Shakti brings a man there and says he was cheating in our business, tell me what to do with him? Sajjan says just kill him and throw him in the river. He asks Shakti to give the gun to Adarsh, he is going to be part of the family so let’s give him a chance. Shakti gives him the gun and says just hunt him down, if you want to marry Komal then do it. Adarsh takes the gun and tries to shoot but stops. He recalls his mother’s death and shoots at the man but there is no bullet in the gun. Sajjan says this Shakti is useless, he asks him to take the man away. Shakti goes away with him. Adarsh touches his feet and leaves. She thinks I will make sure to punish Komal for what she did. Sajjan thinks if it was old Adarsh then he would have never done this, he has changed for real.

Krishna sits with his staff and talks about the business. All men see the lipstick mark on his shirt. Pratigya notices it and tries to hint at him. He ignores her and thinks why am I looking at her? He sees her pointing at him and thinks if she is asking me to not eye her? Krishna ends the meeting and says I have some work, he leaves from there. Krishna comes to Pratigya and shouts why are you disturbing my meeting? If you are thinking I will do something with you then don’t even, I am not that kind of a man. Just focus on the work and don’t distract me. Whatever happened in the lift was.. Pratigya says what happened there? I just got scared. Krishna gets flustered and asks her to focus on her work.

Scene 2
Adarsh sits in the car with Komal and thanks her. Komal says I know my father and Shakti would test you, they want to know if you are changed or not. If I didn’t tell you about the test then would you have shot the man? Adarsh says I would have killed him, I am changed. I want to win your trust too. Komal says I trust you blindly, she hugs him.

Kriti and Garv are studying. Sumitra asks her to go and work in the kitchen, you don’t have to become like your mother and destroy others’ lives, you will get married soon. Kesar says let her be, I will do the work. Shakti shouts that there no place for girls to study in this house, he asks Kriti to go and work in the kitchen, you don’t have to focus on studies and this Garv acts like girls too. Kriti cries. Krishna comes there. Kriti thinks mama left us and papa doesn’t remember us. The kids leave from there. Meera brings water for Krishna, she sees the lipstick mark on his shirt and gets worried. She asks him to go and change, he leaves. Sumitra asks Meera what happened? Meera says I feel like some other man is in Krishna’s life. Sumitra says I know my son, he can never cheat his wife. Meera says I saw a lipstick mark on his shirt.

Pratigya thinks I do affect him when I come close, he was trying to not leave me.

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