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Pratigya 2 31st March 2021 Episode starts with Krishna recalling everything. He thinks Balwant did this, he is going ahead of me, Radhe would have gone to police station, but police is in Balwant’s control, police would have taken Radhe to Balwant, Balwant killed Radhe. He cries. Komal comes and asks what happened, tell me, why are you crying, don’t you trust me. He hugs her and cries. She asks him to tell the matter, what is it. He says everything got over, Garv did an accident. She gets shocked. He tells everything. Komal says no, Garv can’t do this. Krishna says it happened by fate, what can we do, I was doing everything to save Garv.

He says Radhe is dead, his family doesn’t know anything, we will meet the family, we will go to meet them. Shakti is in his room. Bhola comes and drags Shakti out of the room. Sumitra and Kesar ask Bhola to leave Shakti. Shakti is thrown in Balwant’s feet. Shakti gets shocked seeing Balwant. Shakti says what’s this way to bring me here, I would have come to meet you if you called me. Balwant confronts him. Shakti asks who is spreading this rumour against me, tell me, I didn’t even go there, get that person in front of me, I swear on my wife, I wasn’t here. Sumitra shouts and says goons kidnapped Shakti. Sajjan asks who. She says Balwant’s man. Sajjan gets angry and says he is coming to my city and creating this chaos, I will not leave him.

Komal says matter will get spoiled, we have to save Garv. Krishna asks shall I not meet Radhe’s family, I can’t be selfish. She asks what shall we do then, tell me. They think. She says we will go and tell everything to dad, he will handle everything, you should have told this to him first. He says listen to me, we can’t go to dad, its Pratigya’s case, she will catch the culprit, dad will support her. She asks will he see this happening with Garv, he loves Garv more than you, just dad can save him, he is Thakur Sajjan Singh, Balwant can’t stand in front of him, dad will fix everything, come with me. She takes him.

Balwant says I can catch the culprit, you had left your evidence, I got your kerchief. He points gun at Shakti. Shakti says calm down, its a misunderstanding. Sajjan points gun at Balwant. Bhola and the men look on. Sajjan warns Balwant. Pratigya comes and looks on. Sajjan asks Balwant to get away from his way. He says you had come to my house and applied the blood on my bahu’s face, I had controlled my anger, it doesn’t mean that I can’t do anything, your son is dead, I know your pain, it doesn’t mean you will blame anyone, a Bahubali is always Bahubali, be is in the past or future. Pratigya goes and stops Sajjan. She asks what’s happening here, why did you lift the gun today, what’s the matter. Balwant says matter will begin now, someone here is involved with my son’s accident, we got an evidence, I thought to find out, you will have a problem to question your own family. She says yes, he is right. She shows the pic and says Shakti’s kerchief is found there.

Sajjan asks is there any other proof against Shakti. She says no, but the fingerprints are sent for tests, it will be proved if Shakti is involved. Shakti says I didn’t do anything. Balwant says remember one thing, until I get my son’s killer, I will not sit quiet, its a promise. Komal and Krishna talk. He says dad has changed now, Pratigya has changed him. Komal says he will still be the same, he will help us. Krishna says you have seen what has Balwant done with Radhe, we have to make a shield. She calls out Sajjan. They hear Sajjan and go to see. Sajjan argues with Balwant. He says we do worship justice in our house, don’t think that if its about my family, then I will step back, I will support the law, if my son has done wrong, then I swear I will kill him. Shakti gets shocked.

Sajjan says I will not step back from my word, you can leave now, go, until the fingerprints reports come, don’t be seen again, don’t make a court here under my nose, enough of respect now, get lost. Balwant and his men leave. He says once its proved, then I will drag you out of here in front of everyone. Shakti worries. Krishna asks Komal to see, dad will sacrifice everyone for the sake of justice.


Pratigya 2 1st April 2021 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pratigya says we have made law to help people. Shakti learns truth from his son. Balwant says I will burn Pratigya’s family if she is doing this to save them.

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Telecast Date:31st March 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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