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Pratigya 2 28th April 2021 Krishna is waiting for Pratigya for their date. He turns to see Pratigya coming there. Pratigya is tensed. Krishna says I have been waiting for you, I have a surprise. He closes her eyes and brings her to the decorated area. Pratigya is stunned to see everything. Krishna dances with her. Pratigya sadly looks at him. he kisses her forehead and makes her sit down on a chair. He makes her drink wine and kisses her hand. Main agar Kahoon plays. Krishna hugs her from behind.

Krishna holds Pratigya’s hand and says today is our 10th anniversary, he takes pheras around the table with her. He says I promise to be with you always, he applies sindoor to her and says I wanted to have a big celebration but the situation was not favorable. Next time we will have a big celebration so everybody knows how much I love you. Pratigya cries and hugs him. Krishna asks why are you crying? You didn’t like my surprise? Pratigya says no, I wish you would do less, I can’t handle this much love. I came here for you here but you do everything for me. I didn’t do anything for you. Krishna says you don’t need to, he hugs her and says don’t cry ever.

In the nighttime, Pratigya is lying awake in bed and weeps. She looks at her reports and says my time with Krishna was this short? No, I can’t die like this. She recalls how Sumitra said Krishna won’t be able to handle the truth. She goes from there. Krishna wakes up and sees a dead body on the floor. He takes off the sheet to see its Pratigya. Krishna screams Pratigya but it turns out to be his dream. Krishna wakes up with a start and looks around for Pratigya. He calls out to her but she is not in the room. He calls her but she is in the hospital with Sumitra and doesn’t take his call. Krishna gets worried.

Sumitra and Pratigya meet the doctor. Pratigya asks what’s my condition? There must be a possibility of surviving. The doctor says your reports say you don’t have much time left, you have to accept this reality. Sumitra smirks and says what are you saying, doctor? You have to make her fine, we can give you money but just save her. Pratigya is in shock. The doctor says there is no cure, I am sorry. Pratigya is in tears and leaves from there. Sumitra thanks the doctor and says your acting was good, she gives him bribe money and leaves.

Krishna is looking around for Pratigya in the farmhouse. Meera comes there and asks what happened? Krishna asks if he has seen Pratigya? Meera says she left some time ago. Krishna calls her but she doesn’t pick up. Pratigya comes there with Sumitra. He rushes to her and hugs her tightly. Sumitra glares at them. Pratigya tries to hug Krishna back but recalls the doctor’s words. Meera comes there and smiles seeing them. Krishna says where did you go? I was calling you. Pratigya asks what happened? Krishna takes her from there. Meera says they fight also? Let me see why he is angry with her. Sumitra says soon Krishna will not be crazy for her.

Krishna takes Pratigya to the balcony and hugs her tightly. He says when I didn’t see you in the room, I got so scared. You shouldn’t leave without telling me. Pratigya says what happened? Meera hides and hears them. Krishna says I saw a very bad dream, I felt like I lost you forever, don’t ever leave me as I won’t be able to live. Pratigya says I am in front of you and totally fine. Krishna says if anything happens to you then I will kill myself. Meera hears that and leaves from there. Pratigya tells Krishna that you should be strong for everything. Garv comes there and hugs Krishna. Krishna says when did you come? Garv says Pratigya called us here. Krishna says we will play so much here, he goes with Garv. Pratigya sadly smiles seeing them.

Meera comes to the mandir and says I don’t like anyone else but Krishna, he is of someone else but I want a groom like him.


Pratigya 2 29th April 2021 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pratigya romantically dances with Krishna. Later Krishna is dancing with the family and Meera. Sumitra says I have seeded a doubt in Pratigya’s mind so soon she will help me in finding another girl for Krishna.

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Telecast Date:28th April 2021
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