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Pratigya 2 27th May 2021 Kesar comes to Pratigya and says please go from here. Pratigya says why is Garv calling Krishna an uncle? Kesar says I can’t tell you anything right now, they can’t know you are here. She gives her a paper and says it will help you, go from here now. Shakti comes there so Pratigya hides. Shakti grabs her and says what are you doing? She says I have to give medicine to Krishna. Shakti shouts that I am your husband and you don’t care for me.

Adarsh does prayers for his mother’s last ritual. The priest tells another man that he went to jail in a harassment case and his mother couldn’t bear the shame so she did suicide. Adarsh whispers that the girl will feel the pain that you had to go through. He recalls everything and pours his mother’s ashes in the river. Pratigya comes on the other side of the river and recalls what happened with Krishna.

A man comes to Krishna who hasn’t paid his debt, he begs Krishna to give him time. Krishna puts his foot on his hand and says your time is up, I don’t like people who don’t follow time. Sajjan says trust is about paying on time. The man says I have faced a loss in my hotel. Krishna says then give your hotel to me and pay your debt. He gives the papers to him and gets his signature on them. He tells Shakti to get photo copies of the papers and says I am going to work. Meera asks him to have sweets first. Krishna glares at her and says I told you to not stop me when I am going to work, he leaves from there. Shakti says he has made me his servant.

Kesar comes to meet Pratigya. She asks what is going on? Kesar says Sajjan has scared the kids, they told them that you left the kids so they hate you, they have told the kids to call me and shakti as their parents. They call Krishna an uncle so he can’t remember anything. Pratigya says I can’t believe they hate me so much, they took everything from Krishna.

Shakti shouts at Sajjan that why is Krishna ordering me around? This Komal is being shameless but no one is stopping her because Krishna is with her. Komal says I will marry Adarsh only. Sajjan says enough, he knows everything about Pratigya, Krishna finds out anything. Meera says nothing should happen to my husband, the doctor told us that he can’t remember old matters, I am worried about his health. Komal asks her to stop talking about their matters. Sajjan says enough, you want to malign our respect but this outsider took care of my son, she gave up her life for him. You are so selfish that you don’t care about your brother. Meera says I accepted him as my husband when he filled my forehead with his blood.

Pratigya says I can’t believe that they got him married to Meera. Kesar says they didn’t get married. Pratigya says what? They knew Krishna would say no to the marriage and would question everything so they told him that Meera is his wife already and that Meera accepted him as her husband too because he applied sindoor to her.

Sumitra tells the family that I brought Meera into this house after a lot of trouble, she asks Meera to leave and says I will talk to Komal. Meera leaves. Sajjan tells Komal that Meera doesn’t know we gave poison to Pratigya and you were part of the plan but you are destroying everything for your marriage. Komal says Sumitra was planning against Adarsh too, I am thankful that Krishna is with me so listen to him. Shakti says what if Adarsh says anything to Krishna? Komal says he would have the guts to say anything, I will handle him. Shakti says you will destroy us with this. Sumitra tells Komal that he is right, I have got my Krishna after so much struggle, you are lucky that you are seeing your father’s good avatar.

Pratigya says why didn’t Meera tell truth to my kids? How can she be silent. She likes Krishna then why did she separate my kids from their father? Kesar says she doesn’t care about the kids, she just focuses on Krishna. You should go from here. Pratigya says I can’t, Krishna needs to know the truth, he should know that he has kids, the kids should know that their parents are alive. I will find a way to meet Krishna alone. Kesar says I heard the family saying that Krishna is opening a new hotel so you can go there and meet him. Pratigya says fine, I will find the address and go there. She hugs her. Kesar says I am with you, she leaves from there. Pratigya says I have to bring Krishna’s memories back.

Pratigya sits on the road and gets dizzy. Some drunkards see her there and try to touch her. Pratigya pushes him and says how dare you to touch me, she slaps him. Some more goons come there and surround Pratigya. She gets scared and says stay away from me. She pushes and starts running. A car stops in front of her and Pratigya is surprised to see Krishna inside. He asks the goons what they are doing here? The goons laugh at him. Krishna comes out of the car and starts beating them. A goon takes out his knife but Krishna holds it in his hand, he hits him and takes out his bat. All goons run away. Pratigya gets worried and says Krishna.. he is surprised and says how do you know my name? Pratigya says everyone knows you around here, thank you for saving my life. she tears her saree and bandages his hand. She touches it. Krishna moves away and says it’s fine, you look like a nice girl then why are you roaming outside? You should be careful, girls shouldn’t go out of the house, he leaves from there. Pratigya thinks he has gone back to his old ways, I will have to change him again.


Pratigya 2 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna comes to his new hotel, the manager says we have hired a new secretary/your personal assistant. Pratigya comes there and introduces herself as Pratigya Singh to Krishna. He looks on.

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