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Pratigya 2 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 26th May 2021 Pratigya enters Krishna’s house and looks around. She sees Krishna’s pictures with his family and with Meera. She thinks I got replaced in this house.

Krishna is in the restaurant with his family and Meera. Sumitra asks why did you bring us here? Sajjan asks if the work is right? Krishna says the construction will start and nobody will question Krishna Singh Thakkur. Sajjan says you have profited my business in the last 1.5 years so well, this all changed when you changed yourself. You got free from that woman as she made you change. Krishna’s who woman? Sumitra says he means to say that your fate was bad but then Meera entered your life and you became smarter, you have invested time in business and became responsible. Sajjan says he got the project against her enemies and nobody could do anything. Shakti says enough, let’s eat something and stop praising him. Komal comes there. Krishna says I have brought you all here to announce the news, he asks Komal to bring him. Komal brings Adarsh there, all look on. Krishna says he is Komal’s love, she likes him a lot so I will get them married. All are shocked. Adarsh touches Sajjan’s feet and sits with Komal. Does Shakti shout what is all this? You can’t destroy our respect like that, Komal is a widow and she can’t remarry. Krishna says I didn’t ask for your suggestion, it’s my decision and I know how to fulfill it.

Kesar sees Pratigya in the house and is shocked. Pratigya rushes and hugs her. She asks what is all this? Krishna didn’t recognize me at all, what is going on? Kesar is stunned and looks around, she locks the gate and hugs Pratigya. She cries and says I can’t believe you are alive. Pratigya says I was in a coma for the last 1.5 years but what is all this here? How did Meera take my place? My husband doesn’t recognize me, this seems like I was never part of this family. Kesar says I can’t say much. Pratigya says I am begging you to tell me. Kesar says Krishna lost his memory after his accident.

Sumitra tells Krishna that Komal is a widow and she can’t remarry, what will society say? I am in pain for her too but we can’t do this. Sajjan tells Krishna that don’t think about getting Komal married again. This is against our honor, everyone will shame us, they will shame you too, let’s end this matter here. Komal says if I want to remarry then what’s your problem? I should live alone because of your society? I love Adarsh and I will marry him for sure, if you don’t allow me then I will do something wrong. Sajjan says she is threatening me. Krishna says I hope you all understood what Komal is saying, Komal will marry and will marry Adarsh only. She has all the right to remarry and I will be with her as a brother. He puts the gun on the table and says I don’t want to talk about it again.

Kesar tells Pratigya that after the accident, Krishna woke up without any memory. Kesar says he came home after someday and they all decided to remove your memories from the house. Sumitra suggested bringing Meera into the house as Krishna’s wife. They introduced Meera to him and told him she was his wife, Meera also took the role and became his wife. She made everyone believe in the house that she is is his wife. Pratigya says but how could they remove every memory of mine? I have seen Sumitra’s real face but Sajjan bauji? The doorbell rings, Kesar gets scared and says your life will be in danger, she asks her to hide. The family enters the house. Pratigya is hiding in the kitchen. Sumitra comes there to get water. Pratigya runs from there and enters Krishna-Meera’s room. She is hurt to see their pictures. She hides in the cupboard. Krishna and Meera come into the room. Meera massages Krishna’s head. Krishna says you are a good wife, always taking care of me. Meera kisses his forehead and says I am lucky. Krishna sits with her and says why do you love me so much? I don’t even remember our memories but you never complain. Meera hugs him and says I am your wife, I don’t like to complain when you come home to get peace. I just hope nobody takes away my happiness. Krishna says I have time to love you, he hugs her. Pratigya sees them and cries. Garv comes there and says uncle, come for lunch. They leave. Pratigya thinks why did Garv call Krishna as uncle?


Pratigya 2 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pratigya tells Kesar that I can’t believe they got Krishna married to Meera. Kesar says Krishna didn’t really marry Meera. Pratigya says I have to bring Krishna’s memory back. I have to do everything to make him remember me. Later Pratigya is running away from the goons and strike with Krishna’s car.

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Telecast Date:26th May 2021
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