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Pratigya 2 26th March 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 26th March 2021 Episode starts with Krishna asking Garv not to think of anything, just go and play holi. He sends Garv. He goes to take the bhaang drinks. He says make it really tasty, hurry up, come on. He spikes the bhaang. He thinks I can’t break Garv’s trust, I have to make Pratigya admit the truth. Kriti takes the drink. He runs after her and take the drink. She says give it to me. He says its for your mumma. He gives her another drink. He asks where is mumma. She says she was here. Pratigya throws colours at him and runs. He catches her. They have a moment. Music plays… He says I don’t feel awkward, you can hug me, can’t you have thandai for my sake, its love. Sajjan comes. Pratigya says don’t get adamant. Sumitra says Pratigya wants to show that her husband is after her, she knows he is stubborn and won’t leave her if she doesn’t drink the thandai. Sajjan asks her not to taunt Pratigya. Pratigya drinks the thandai. Sajjan says it will be fun now. Krishna and Pratigya have a dance with everyone. They laugh. Badri ki dulhani….plays… Adarsh sees Komal. Sajjan and Sumitra also dance. Komal sees everyone and smiles. Few men see Komal standing in a corner and take colours to throw on her. Komal sees this and gets worried. Adarsh comes in between to save her. He warns the man and asks him to leave. Komal smiles.

Its night, Krishna asks Pratigya to sit. He says you don’t listen to me. She sings. He asks about the case evidences. She says its a top secret. He says why won’t you say, listen to me, I don’t like it, I feel jealous of Balwant. She asks why, you are jealous of me. She laughs. She acts like Sajjan. He says you are hiding things from me, I will get something for you, look at the moon. He makes her drink another thandai.

She says we already took the fingerprints and sent to Forensics, they will find out and know everything, report will come. He worries. Balwant sees his son’s ashes. He gets angry. He says I will not leave your culprit. Krishna asks when will the report come. She says it will take time, but Pratigya’s fight will surely yield. He says leave this case. She says no, we will wait for the report, its simple. He says no, its hard, listen to me, you leave this case. She says no, don’t break my heart, tell me, who am I. He says you are my wife. She says no, I m a lawyer, complex case is good, if the lawyer gets justice, then its a big success, don’t ask me to leave this case. He says you don’t listen to me, I m going. She says I m not feeling awkward now, stay here, there is one way to shut the case. Balwant says I will not stop at any cost.

Krishna asks Pratigya what’s the way. She says if the culprit surrenders to the police, then the case will get shut, simple. She sings and dances. Krishna thinks I have to shut the case, else Pratigya will reach Garv, she will not listen to me, someone has to take the blame. He meets someone and asks for help. He says I don’t know how to say. The man says you helped me a lot, tell me what to do.

Krishna asks will you give your freedom. The man says I can give my life. Krishna says its an accident blame, you have to take it on your head, I will take your family’s responsibility, I will try hard to save you. The man asks who did the crime, what happened. Krishna says its an accident case, its not my son’s mistake, Garv is innocent, he was sitting in the back seat, he isn’t at fault, the boy who died is Balwant’s son, I want to save Garv, Radhe save his life, take the blame, I will save you by hiring the best lawyer, your family will be my responsibility. Radhe agrees.


Pratigya 2 27th March 2021 26th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Balwant kidnaps Garv. Pratigya sees this and runs after the car. Krishna shouts how can anything happen to Garv, I will burn the world.

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Telecast Date:26th March 2021
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