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Pratigya 2 25th March 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 25th March 2021 Episode starts with everyone playing holi. Pratigya asks Shakti not to stop Komal from playing holi, its not her mistake that her husband passed away. Shakti says don’t lecture me, there are some customs in the society, do anything, you ruined your mood. Pratigya asks Komal to play holi. Komal says I have played holi before, just white is the colour in my life now. Sajjan smiles and says its the holi in my family. Balwant comes there and looks on. Sajjan dances. Balwant meets him. Sajjan says one lion stays in one jungle, I m Thakur Sajjan Singh, another lion came as a guest, I welcome you. Balwant says real Bahubali’s tomorrow doesn’t come, he comes with Kaal. Sajjan says many people made palaces in the city because of me, I m just telling you my influence, I have everything in my control, anyways, leave it, I trust Pratigya, she will not sit in peace until she finds the culprit. Balwant says your son didn’t die, you will not understand my pain, I will find the culprit, I had come to see Pratigya’s capability. He gets angry seeing her playing with holi. Garv sees Balwant and gets scared.

Pratigya throws colors. It falls on Balwant. She says sorry. Balwant taunts her. He says you said that you won’t sit in peace until you get justice, did you get justice, did you catch the culprit. She says kids caught me. He says I will remind you the responsibility. He gets angry. Sajjan says its holi. Balwant says I can just give blood instead colour, don’t feel bad, its holi. He shows a knife. He cuts his hand and applies blood to Pratigya’s face. Sajjan gets angry. He says I m silent as you are a guest. Balwant says this time, there will be blood in the colours, I had told you, the one who isn’t loyal to work is not loyal to anyone, I made a mistake to call you smart, you are busy here in playing holi, you also play with them now, I will go, I m glad to meet Thakur, real Bahubali comes as Kaal, I wish you also see Kaal in me. He warns them and goes. Shakti looks on. Pratigya stops Sajjan and says let it be, he lost his son.

Sajjan says you could have not stopped Krishna, Krishna would have played holi with blood, then you would know who is the real bahubali. She says please don’t tell anything to Krishna. He says how dare he apply blood on my bahu’s face, I have seen many bahubali, who is this man, this man won’t be happy. He asks Pratigya not to worry and enjoy holi. Krishna comes back and asks everyone to enjoy. He plays the dhol. They all dance. A guy joins them. Lets play holi….plays…. Krishna says I got someone along, tell me, did you identify him. Sajjan asks who is he. Krishna says look at him, Adarsh…. Komal looks on. Krishna says he is Raghav uncle’s son Adarsh, he is handling the dairy, I got thandai from his dairy. Sajjan and Sumitra bless him. Komal cries recalling Adarsh. Aalika says you would be missing Adarsh. Krishna looks for Garv. He finds him scared. He asks what happened. Garv says he had come here. Krishna asks who, tell me the name. He hugs Garv. Garv says Balwant came here.


Pratigya 2 26th March 2021 25th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna feeds bhaang to Pratigya to get the truth out. Pratigya says we took fingerprints before itself. Krishna goes to clear the evidence. Balwant swears to kill the culprit.

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Telecast Date:25th March 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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