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Pratigya 2 24th March 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 24th March 2021 Episode starts with Balwant’s man going mad seeing the fire. He recalls some childhood incident. He angrily attacks the policeman. Krishna says sorry, I can’t help anyone now. Balwant looks on. Its morning, everyone plays Holi. Sajjan says our family holi is famous in the entire city. Sumitra says happy holi. He says I love you. They smile. Sajjan asks them to call Garv. Krishna makes Garv ready. He says its your fav festival, holi, won’t you play. Garv signs no. Krishna says I will show you a magic. He shows the glasses to Garv. Garv says its my glasses. Krishna says yes, are you happy now. He makes Garv wear the glasses. Garv gets happy. Komal hugs Garv. Krishna says he has come in his colour today. Garv runs happily and says its holi. He plays with everyone.

Sumitra asks Krishna how did he get hurt, where is Pratigya, she should be at home. He says she may have gone to police station, she will come. She says it means you don’t know anything, you couldn’t control her till now, I pity you. Sajjan says you don’t spoil the day. Pratigya asks how can you lose the evidence, what was police doing, can you find the culprit. Constable says the man attacked me, its good that he didn’t burn me. She asks can you identify him. He says no, there was much darkness. She says we lost the evidence, media will make it a big issue, its a high profile case, we have to handle this well, media shouldn’t know it. She leaves.

Balwant’s wife sees the news. Her sister-in-law says the accident car burnt, he saw the fire and got an attack. Balwant’s wife gets angry. Pratigya comes home. Sajjan asks her to be with the family and enjoy the festive, its holi, not any ordinary festival. She smiles. He applies her some holi and says happy holi. Krishna sees her. He applies holi to Pratigya and takes her along. Balwant’s wife shouts and provokes her. She says Pratigya would be celebrating holi with family, where is she, you believed her. She angers him. Krishna and Pratigya play holi. He asks her to forget the problems. She says the culprit had burnt the accident car. He asks what, the evidence is burnt, its bad, you don’t have any proof now, what will you do.

She says that man had attacked the constable also, he is so dangerous. He says forget it, good that case got over. She says no, case isn’t over, if the culprit thinks he is smart, then he doesn’t know me, I will not stop until I find her, evidence won’t get erased if he burns the car, sometimes new evidences will be left while ending old evidences. He asks what do you mean, there can be evidence left. She nods. Sumitra asks Krishna to go and get thandai. Krishna refuses. She asks him to go. Krishna asks Pratigya what was he saying. She says you play the holi. He insists her to tell him. Sumitra says everyone is waiting for thandai. Krishna says tell someone else. She takes him. Pratigya says I will change and come. Krishna thinks I m fighting this big battle without Pratigya, how to find out about the evidence against Garv.


Pratigya 2 25th March 2021 24th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Balwant comes to meet Sajjan. Sajjan says just one lion stays in a jungle. Garv gets scared seeing Balwant. Balwant says I will find out the murderer. He shows a knife to Pratigya. Krishna gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:24th March 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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