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Pratigya 2 23rd June 2021 Sumitra tells Krishna that I have been calling the kids. She asks Kesar to call Garv and Kriti. Kesar goes to check and comes back, she says the kids are not here. Sumitra says Pratigya took them. Where did she go? Krishna asks what is going on? Pratigya comes there running and is injured. She rushes to Krishna and says the goons kidnapped the kids. All are shocked. Krishna says what? Sumitra shouts what did you do with our kids? Sajjan says no one can touch our kids, where did you take them? Kesar cries and says do something.

Krishna asks Pratigya who were them? Sajjan says it must be the goons that attacked her before. Krishna shouts at Pratigya that I kept you in this house to protect you but you took them out? You got them kidnapped? Sumitra shouts if you want money? Why are you doing this? Pratigya says I just them for a picnic but some goons kidnapped them. Sumitra cries and says how will I live without my kids?

This girl got them kidnapped. Pratigya tells Krishna we don’t have time, they can do anything with Kriti and Garv. Sumitra slaps her and asks where are the kids? Pratigya cries and says I didn’t do anything. Krishna says I asked you to stay at home, who did you inform? Pratigya says Sumitra asked me to take kids out. Sumitra says she is lying, I don’t even want you in this house and you are lying now? Pratigya says then why would I get the kids kidnapped? Krishna shouts enough, he takes Pratigya from there. Sajjan smirks.

Krishna drags Pratigya out of the house and says you are blaming my mom? You are lying, I just want kids back. Where are they? Pratigya cries and says why would I kidnap my own kids? Krishna says what are you saying? Did you come here with some mission? Did you come here to take some revenge?

I shouldn’t have trusted you, I kept you in this house, you have seen my good side but I won’t spare you if you don’t tell me where are the kids? You still have the chance to tell me where the kids are? Pratigya says I don’t know. Krishna says I will get the kids back but I won’t spare you. Krishna grabs Pratigya and says I will lock in the death cell, there are animals who will not let you come out of there. Kesar says Pratigya can’t do anything wrong. Krishna shouts that she took the kids away. Pratigya shouts I am telling you that they took away the kids, save my kids. Sumitra says don’t listen to her.

The goon calls Sajjan and asks him what to do? We have the kids. We can kill them if you want. Garv and Kriti hear it, they get scared. Sajjan tells the goon that doesn’t even hurt the kids, they are my grandkids.

Garv is crying and recalls how Pratigya asked him to chant hanuman chalisa. They both chant.

Pratigya tells Krishna that we should look for the kids, don’t waste time. Kesar says don’t lock her in the death cell, we have to look for the kids. Krishna says she is hiding the kids, she will be locked and then she will tell us where the kids are.

Komal comes home and asks Adarsh where is everyone. They hear some noise and go out. Komal is stunned to see Pratigya there. Krishna tells Pratigya that I will lock you in the death cell if you don’t tell me where the kids are. Komal asks what happened? Krishna says she got the kids kidnapped so I will lock her in the death cell. Adarsh says that can’t happen.. Krishna says she took the kids away, I won’t let her come out of the death cell alive. Just tell us where the kids are? Pratigya cries and sits at his feet. She says I am telling you the truth, please save my kids. Sumitra says you are a dangerous woman. Sajjan says just lock her and then we will lock for the kids. Kesar says if she dies then who will tell us about the kids? Krishna says I will find them. Krishna grabs Pratigya. Adarsh helps him and they lock Pratigya in the death cell.


Pratigya 2 24th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kriti and Garv run away from the goons. They come home and tell Krishna that she tried to protect us, she didn’t care about her life but couldn’t fight the goons. Krishna is stunned and runs to bring Pratigya out of the death cell. He sees it locked and asks Sumitra for the key but she says I don’t know where it is.

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Telecast Date:23rd June 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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