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Pratigya 2 22nd June 2021 Pratigya offers water to Sumitra but she throws it away. Sumitra tells Krishna that Pratigya tried to lock me in the room, she wanted to burn me. When she saw you coming inside then she started acting like saving you. I don’t know who this girl is. Pratigya says I just saw fire in your room and rushed to get water. If I wanted to burn you then why would I save you? Sumitra says she was alone in the house with me, she wanted to kill me. Pratigya says the door was locked from inside, how would I do it?

Sumitra says you opened the door after seeing Krishna coming in, you are trapping us. You are some enemy, you want to kill us. Pratigya brings her phone and says if I did all this then let’s see this. You called Krishna 15 minutes ago so the fire must have started by then? The fire catches everything quickly but you are totally fine? Krishna asks Sumitra to calm down, he goes to check everything. Pratigya tells Sumitra you thought you could make Krishna hate me? I will do anything to bring back Krishna’s memories and nobody can stop me. Sumitra says I will stop you, my mission is to throw you out of the house. I might have failed this time but next time you will be thrown out. Just see what I do now. Pratigya goes from there.

Pratigya is sitting in the garden at night time. Krishna comes there and says sorry on my mother’s behalf. Why does she doubt you so much? I saw that the fire started because of the diya. Pratigya says you love her a lot right? Tell me something which you have just told your mother and no one else. Krishna says I don’t remember anything, I lost my memory and I don’t know what I have lost. But she is my mother.

Pratigya says you are right, your first love would be your mother then who is the second person? Meera? Krishna is in thoughts.. The rain starts, Pratigya tries to run inside but Krishna stops her and says where are you going? Look at the clothes, it’s getting drenched peacefully. Pratigya says I have to get them down. She rushes in the rain. Krishna runs behind her and they both strike with each other and get wrapped in a cloth blowing there. Pratigya goes near him and is about to kiss him but thunder stops them. They run from there.

Sajjan tells Sumitra that you couldn’t do anything. You should have died in that fire, you were trying to throw Pratigya out of the house but put yourself in danger? Sumitra says I was going crazy, you are right I shouldn’t have started a fire.

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Telecast Date:22nd June 2021
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