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Pratigya 2 1st June 2021 Krishna is on the call with a client and leaves food. Meera gets tensed. Sumitra says did you talk to him? Meera says a girl in his office fell on him and that I shouldn’t worry. Sumitra says don’t worry. Meera says that girl must be smart, she wants to trap Krishna. Sumitra says why don’t you go to his office and see it? Meera says you are right. She comes to Krishna and says you are going to the office? He says yes. She says can I come with you? Krishna says why? I am not a husband who would be crazy about his wife, stay at home. Sumitra says take her, she is always in the house, she has done all the work so take her. Krishna says she will not come to the office. He tells her that a priest will come today for Komal’s wedding, he leaves. Meera says something is going on, he didn’t take me with him. Sumitra says we have to find out what’s going on.

Pratigya is waiting for Krishna. He comes to the hotel and ignores her. Pratigya thinks he will feel good when he sees his favorite food.

The priest tells the family that Adarsh and Komal are perfect for each other, they will bring blessings in this house. The day after tomorrow is good for the wedding. Sajjan says we will do the preparations. Adarsh says I want a simple wedding. Komal says I just want the wedding to be done. Adarsh gives shagun to Sajjan and tells Komal that I don’t have a mother so this is all I could bring. Komal says don’t say that, why don’t come and live with us? Adarsh says I can’t live here, my house as my mother’s memories so I will keep you happy there. He leaves from there.

Pratigya is worried and waits for Krishna. A man comes and says Krishna is calling you in his cabin.

Adarsh gives money to the priest and thanks him.

Krishna is sneezing in his room and says who brought these flowers here? Pratigya puts them outside and screams saying cockroach. Krishna screams and runs away. Pratigya laughs and says I just wanted to distract you from sneezing. Krishna says I am not scared.. I have an allergy to these flowers, why did you put them here? Pratigya says I wouldn’t put anything here that you don’t like. Krishna says like you know what I like. Pratigya says I work with you so I try to get to know you. She shows him food and says I brought it for you. Krishna gets angry and says just do your work and don’t try to impress me. He throws the food away and asks her to leave. Pratigya gets hurt.

Komal brings Adarsh to her room and closes the door. She pulls him on the bed and hugs him. Adarsh moves away and says you are going to be my wife in two days then we will do all this, there is nothing to hurry. Komal says you think so much but you are such a nice man, I promise you that we will have a strong relationship.

Scene 2
Pratigya thinks I am trying to be close to him but he keeps moving away. I have to think something else, I feel like he wants to come closer that’s why he moves away.

Meera comes to the hotel and asks the receptionist about Krishna, she asks her to go to his cabin. Krishna comes to the cafe and sees Pratigya there, he thinks what happens to me when I look at her? I scolded her for nothing. He sits with her and says you made this food? Pratigya says yes but you won’t eat the food of some small people. Krishna says it’s food and I am hungry so can I eat? Pratigya says ofcourse. She offers it to him. Krishna eats it and says it’s so good. He praises her food. Pratigya smiles, zahenaseeb plays as he eats. She recalls their loving moments together.

Meera is looking around for Krishna but couldn’t find him in his cabin, a man asks her to check the cafe.

Krishna praises Pratigya and says sorry I ate your food. Pratigya says I brought enough food. Krishna says I should leave now, Pratigya says but you didn’t eat sweets. She shows him his favorite sweets that he threw away earlier. Krishna says how do you know what I like or don’t? Pratigya says you like it? Krishna eats and talks to her happily. They both laugh with each other. Pratigya smiles sweetly at him. Meera enters the cafe and sees Krishna sitting with a woman, Pratigya’s back is to her and Meera thinks is this the girl that fell on him? Krishna gets a call and leaves. Meera starts approaching Pratigya but she leaves. Krishna comes there and asks Meera what are you doing here? I told you to not come here. Meera says I brought food for you. Krishna says I have eaten as I was hungry. Meera says I was making something special for you to eat together. Krishna says you are my wife and we do this together eating at the house but not at my workplace. Meera asks who was that girl who was eating with you? Krishna says you are doubting me? She is my secretary, stop questioning me and you don’t need to come here. Meera says I came here because Bauji asked me to inform you that Komal’s engagement is tonight so they want you home early. Krishna says you could have called me, I will come home when work is done, he leaves from there. Meera thinks he was laughing with that girl but he gets angry with me. Who is that girl who is sharing my happiness?


Pratigya 2 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna and Pratigya are in the car, he suddenly stops and gets dizzy. Pratigya asks what happened? He says I had an accident. Pratigya says you were alone in the car? Krishna tries to remember and recalls some blurry memories.

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Telecast Date:1st June 2021
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