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Pratigya 2 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 1st July 2021 Pratigya asks Krishna to show his wedding photos. Krishna asks Sumitra to show it to her, she won’t back down and I want to see my wedding photos too. Sumitra says we had many photos but we had a fire break out in the house before and all photos burned. Pratigya says but they take pheras every year so there is not even a single photo? Krishna says she is right, Meera you don’t have a single photo of our marriage? How can this be? Are you guys lying to me? Did I even get married? He asks Meera to show him some photos, Meera cries and goes from there. Krishna angrily leaves. Sajjan tells Pratigya that I understand your game but you can’t provoke him against us easily. Pratigya smirks. She goes to the mandir and thinks Krishna has to question as only then he will start recalling his past.

At night time, Krishna comes home and goes to check on Pratigya. Meera sees it and thinks he doesn’t care that I am miffed.

Krishna comes to Pratigya’s room and tries to clean her wound on the head but she says no, let this wound mark on my head as this will be a memory between us. Meera glares at them.

In the morning, Pratigya sees Krishna coming to the dining table. Meera comes there and says she questioned our marriage yesterday? She shows her marriage certificate with Krishna and tells him that you keep doubting me because of some other girl, you can keep this proof with yourself. Do you trust me or you will keep questioning me? You brought a girl home, I didn’t say anything, in fact, I went against the family to take your side but you are questioning our marriage now? How can you do it? Sumitra says she is right, he got trapped by a girl and questioning his own wife that takes care of him. Meera says I am tired of bearing all this, I can’t bear this doubt from you. Now you have to decide if I will stay in this house or her. She goes from there. Komal says the drama has started. Sajjan says her patience broke, he asks Krishna to handle his wife as he won’t allow the family to break. Meera brings her bags and starts leaving but Sumitra stops her and says you are our daughter-in-law. She asks Krishna to stop his wife, this Pratigya will leave the house. Meera cries and says I don’t want to burn in jealousy, I can’t do it. Krishna recalls how he saw Pratigya’s face as his bride. Meera starts leaving but Krishna says stop.. he tells Meera that you are daughter in law of this house so you are not going anywhere. He looks at Pratigya and says sorry, she is right. I shouldn’t have doubted my wife, she welcomed you here and if she doesn’t you here anymore then you have to go. Pratigya is hurt to hear that. Krishna asks her to pack her bags and leave today. Meera smiles at him.

Meera is in her room. Krishna comes there and asks why is she sad now? Meera says husband and wife are one then how did you allow that girl to come between us? You have hurt me. Krishna says I am sorry, try to understand, you know I don’t remember anything. It’s difficult to believe anything. I feel like something was different in my life before, I feel like I have lost something, I don’t know what’s the truth but I trust my family. I am sorry. Meera hugs him and says I will forgive you but you have to promise me that you will never doubt or leave me. Krishna says I promise to never doubt or leave you. Meera hugs him, Krishna looks on.

Pratigya comes to Adarsh and says how do you have sympathy with Meera? You made that fake marriage certificate that she showed to Krishna right? Why are you taking her side? Adarsh says stop coming to me, it’s your fight so don’t come behind me, you shouldn’t care whose side I am on, you can tell the truth to Krishna. Pratigya says Krishna won’t believe with just one certificate. There is no one on my side, you know the truth but still taking their side? What happened to you? Can’t you see what Krishna and the kids have to bear? Can’t you tell Krishna that I am his real wife. Adarsh says I am sorry, I can’t help you, I am part of this family now so you have to fight your own battle, he goes from there.

Krishna is driving his car and recalls his moments with Pratigya. Darmiyan plays as he is confused between Meera and Pratigya.


Pratigya 2 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pratigya tells Sumitra that Krishna can throw me out of his house but from his heart. Sumitra says I will make him do it. Pratigya sits in Krishna’s car and holds his hand. Krishna recalls his accident and says you were with me at the time of the accident?

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Telecast Date:1st July 2021
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