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Pratigya 2 18th June 2021 Adarsh asks Garv to not be angry. Garv says just send her away, I thought she died but why did she come back? Adarsh says don’t worry. She will go away. Sumitra brings Kesar and says look at the kids, they are sad after seeing Pratigya. If you try to help her then I won’t spare you. Sajjan tells Sumitra that you can’t keep stopping everyone, we have to make Pratigya go away before she does anything bad.

Krishna and Meera are in the bed. Krishna says thank you for being with me, taking my side. I had to fight for Pratigya but you were with me. Meera hugs him and says I am your wife, it’s my duty to take your side. I was thinking we should for a getaway, we don’t have peace like a couple. We should go somewhere. Krishna is in thoughts and says who must have attacked Pratigya? Meera thinks he is still thinking about her and not his wife. Krishna says Pratigya was attacked before also, who must have gone against her? He looks at Meera and asks her to go to sleep. Krishna goes from there.

Krishna comes into the lounge and sees Pratigya’s room door open, he doesn’t find her there and says where did she go?

Pratigya is standing on the terrace and looking at the moon. Krishna comes there and says what are you doing here? I got so worried when I didn’t see you, go and rest in your room. Pratigya says why do you worry about me so much? What if something happened to me? Krishna says then I would have gone to sleep. Pratigya says you wouldn’t worry about me? Krishna says I would worry about you as you are a.. guest. Also, don’t call me Sir. Pratigya says so should I call you Krishna Ji? He says why you have to add Ji? I.. I should go to sleep. He starts leaving but Pratigya calls out to his name.. Krishna.. She goes and hugs him. She says thank you Krishna. Krishna feels something. Meera sees them hugging and is angry.

Scene 2
In the morning, Pratigya does pooja in the house. Krishna comes there and smiles at her. All family members come there and glare at her. Pratigya gives aarti to Krishna, she offers it to Meera and others but they ignore her. Krishna asks Sumitra to take parsad, it’s from God. Sajjan and Sumitra take parsad. Krishna says this was such a good pooja, it should happen daily. Pratigya comes to Kriti and Garv. They hide behind Kesar but she asks them to take it. Pratigya gives parsad to her kids. Pratigya glares at Adarsh and gives parsad to him. She gives it to Meera also. Krishna smiles at her.

Adarsh comes to Sajjan and asks why is he so worried? Sajjan says this Pratigya has taken my peace. She is a snake ready to bite, she doesn’t know that Meera didn’t marry Krishna, Pratigya is still officially married to Krishna. If she starts playing law with us then we will be gone. Adarsh says I also know law very well. We can get Pratigya and Krishna divorced. I will get some papers ready and make them sign it. Sajjan says that would be awesome, just get the divorce papers so Pratigya doesn’t have any right on this house. Then we will get Krishna officially married to Meera. He tells Sumitra that no one should know about their wedding other than Meera. We will tell everyone on their wedding day only.

Pratigya and Kesar are cooking in the kitchen. Meera comes there and asks her to go and rest. You are a guest here so you don’t need to enter the kitchen. Krishna comes there and says Meera is right. He asks Pratigya to come with him for work while Meera can handle the kitchen. Pratigya goes with Krishna. Krishna says the internet has made lives easier, we can make use of it. Pratigya says you are right, it’s connecting people. Sumitra sees Pratigya and Krishna talking. She asks Meera to apply her sindoor. Meera goes to Krishna and asks him to apply sindoor to her, she asks Pratigya to bring it from mandir. Pratigya sadly goes to the mandir. Sumitra says Meera did the right thing. Pratigya wipes her tears and brings sindoor to Krishna. He takes it from her and applies it to Meera. She smiles at Pratigya who is hurt.


Pratigya 2 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pratigya sees everyone gone from the house and says where did they go?Sajjan brings Krishna to the mandir and tells him that’s it your wedding anniversary with Meera to take pheras with her. Krishna sits in the mandap with Meera. Someone calls Pratigya and tells her that her husband is getting married to Meera. Pratigya is stunned and takes an auto to go to the mandir.

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Telecast Date:18th June 2021
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