Pratigya 2 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 16th April 2021 Krishna comes to his room and looks for the safe keys. He finds it in Pratigya’s bag. He opens the safe and finds the forensic report inside. He is shocked and says how is this possible? It means Pratigya changed the report and Sajjan didn’t steal the real report. He opens the report but can’t read it. He comes to Kriti and asks her to read it. kriti says I have to clean my hands first. Krishna says just read it. Kriti says it’s written that the fingerprints are of some kid between 7-10 years and there is no criminal record. Krishna is stunned and asks why she has paint on her hands? Kriti says all kids are doing a hand painting activity. Krishna sees Pratigya keeping everyone in the line. He says this is a way to find out which kid was in the car. Pratigya takes fingerprints of everyone but sees Garv missing from there. Kriti comes there. Pratigya asks where is Garv? I will go and look for him.

Komal asks Sajjan where did Sumitra go? Sajjan says her sister was not well so she went to check on her. Pratigya comes there and asks where is Garv? I can’t find Krishna as well. All are silent. Pratigya says I will look for him.

Pratigya is looking around for Garv, she comes to her room and finds her forensic report gone. She says who took the report from here? Pratigya comes to Sajjan and asks where is Krishna? Krishna comes there with a scared Garv. Pratigya asks where is the forensic report? Why did you take it to you? I kept it there to keep it safe from Balwant’s men. He did send his man yesterday that’s why I had hidden the real report and kept the fake report in my office. Sajjan recalls how he had burned the fake report. Pratigya says I was looking for Garv, she tells Garv that come with me for hand painting. Krishna says he won’t go anywhere. Pratigya is confused and asks why? Krishna says because I don’t want him to go, he says you don’t want to leave your work so don’t question me. Pratigya says all did handing painting so why not Garv?

Krishna says why this drama? Tell us the truth. Pratigya says yes, I did it for the fingerprints but I want to know which kid was in the car. I am doing all this to protect the innocent child, if Balwant gets to know about the kid then he won’t spare him. I know that it was an accident as a small kid can’t murder anyone. There is no law against the kid so he won’t get punished but maybe the kid’s family doesn’t know, they are committing a crime by removing the proofs. Why can’t Garv give his fingerprints? Komal says he is doing this to protect Garv, why don’t you leave him alone. Sajjan tells Pratigya that you are hiding things from us these days. Pratigya says I am just doing my work. That kid’s family is going against the law to protect the child, I can save that child. Krishna looks on. Sajjan says the same way Krishna is protecting his kid, Garv won’t give his fingerprints. Pratigya says why? Sajjan says I won’t let anything happen to my grandkid even if his mother goes against him. Pratigya says I just need his fingerprints. She starts taking Garv away but Sajjan calls out to her. She turns to see Sajjan point a gun at her, she is stunned.


Pratigya 2 17th April 2021 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shakti tells Pratigya that your son Garv is Balwant’s son’s killer. Pratigya is shocked and tells the family that you all knew but didn’t tell me. I will go to the police station and tell the truth there. Krishna looks on.

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Telecast Date:16th April 2021
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