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Pratigya 2 11th June 2021 Pratigya is standing close to Krishna. Meera looks at them from a far and says this girl has reached home too. I will go and see her face. Pratigya brings Krishna to gate and says I have to leave. She goes from there. Meera rushes to Krishna and takes him inside.

Krishna comes to his room. Meera lies him on the bed. Krishna says you know about my likes and dislikes. Why my wife is not like you? Wives should be like you, there is no one like you. You know what goes in my heart, you know what I want without me saying it. Meera hears it and cries, she goes from there. Krishna blabbers in drunk state that Pratigya asks too many questions but you are very pretty.

In the morning, Meera is ignoring Krishna. Sumitra says what happened to Meera? She is not running behind him to give him breakfast. Komal went to her friend’s house too. Adarsh must think she doesn’t care about her husbaand. Adarsh comes there and says it’s okay if she went to meet her friend, she will come back. Sajjan says he is a sensible man. Adarsh says I am lucky to get parents like you. Sumitra says our Komal is lucky. Adarsh asks where are kids? Kesar brings Garv and Kriti there. They are scared. Krishna comes there and asks what happened? He sees a bruise on his arm and asks what happened? Kriti stops him. Krishna asks if Shakti beat them? Kesar says he just punished them as they have become mischievious. Krishna says what’s this way of treating them? Tell him that he can’t like this with his kids. Sumitra says they are Shakti’s kids so he can punish them. Krishna says I will not say it again, he can’t punish them like this again. The kids leave. Krishna asks where is breakfast? Sumitra says your wife is not ready to serve you. Krishna says that’s fine, I will have breakfast at hotel. He asks Adarsh to come with him for work. Adarsh goes with him. Meera comes to Sumitra and says I thought he would pacify me but he went to his secretary. I won’t eat or drink anything. She goes from there. Sumitra says this secretary is destroying our peace.

Pratigya is waiting for Krishna. Krishna comes to the hotel with Adarsh. The manager asks Pratigya to work before going to Krishna’s room.

Scene 2
Krishna comes to his room and asks the manager to call the secretary. Adarsh thinks now I will know who this secretary is. Pratigya comes there and says you called me sir? Adarsh is shocked to see her. Krishna asks if you both know each other? Adarsh says yes.. I mean no. Pratigya says I just got shocked to see another person. Krishna says he is Adarsh, Komal’s husband. He tells Adarsh that this is my secretary Pratigya, she knows me and my family. I don’t know-how. Adarsh says okay. Krishna gets a call and leaves.

Meera says everyone is happy in this house, my fate is bad. Kesar brings food and asks her to eat something. Why are you punishing yourself? Meera says I care how Krishna behaves. Kesar says you will get ill so eat something. Meera says I am not going to eat anything. Kesar goes to Sumitra and says she is not eating anything.

Adarsh gets happy seeing Pratigya and says you are alive? I have so many questions. Pratigya tells him everything.

Krishna is going back to his office but looks at Pratigya’s room and recalls her taking him home last night. He sees a man reading a horoscope and asks him to read his. The man reads that your day will go great, a new relationship will start today. Krishna smiles and goes from there.

Krishna sees some flowers and a friend’s hat. He thinks a new relationship?

Pratigya asks Adarsh how did he get married to Komal? Krishna calls her so she leaves. Adarsh smiles.

Krishna asks Pratigya where is Adarsh? She says he left. Krishna asks him to come to her cabin. Pratigya gets worried and asks if she did something wrong? Sumitra calls Krishna and says there is an emergency, you have to come. Krishna tells Pratigya that I have to go and leaves.

The doctor checks Meera and says she has low BP. She has to eat something. Meera says I won’t eat anything. Krishna and Adarsh come there. Krishna asks what happened? Kesar says she is not eating anything. Krishna asks Meera why are you not eating? Are you a kid? Just eat it. Meera says I will eat when you listen to me. Sumitra says he will do anything you say. Krishna says she will put conditions on me now? Sumitra says it’s her wish. Meera says I will eat only when Krishna fires his secretary.


Pratigya 2 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Pratigya sees flowers, a card and a ‘friends’ hat in her cabin. She smiles and calls him, she says you have proved me wrong, he knows how to give gifts and how to praise others. Krishna says just give your resignation and leave the hotel. Pratigya is stunned and calls him again. Meera takes the call and don’t you call here again. Pratigya gets angry, she tells Kesar that enough of hiding, it’s time to come out. I will meet Meera.

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Telecast Date:11th June 2021
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