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Pishachini 9th November 2022 Episode starts with Sapna and Bubbly getting emotional blackmailed by Rani. They take the cradle away from there. Rani smiles. Pavitra says why Veer didn’t know about Narakshanka.

Rocky says the way you asked him, he got tensed. Pavitra asks why? Rocky tells that whenever we was in need of help, Vidya used to mail Nashak, and we used to get immediate help.

He says Veer is Nashak and he himself accepted. Pavitra is doubtfl about him. Rocky says may be you are having a misunderstanding. Pavitra says may be it is a conspiracy like Rani had done. Shikha tells Pavitra that Veer proposed her for marriage. Everyone congrats Shikha. Pavitra thinks if he is right for her. Shikha says he proposed her and said that he feels that they shall get married.

Vidya thinks Nashak jiju and asks where is he? Rani thinks go away a bit and then the tree’s grasp will loose. The tree grasp start loosening. Rani thinks she will be freed. Mendy comes there. Rani appreciates her baby for loosening the tree grasp, thinks he is so powerful before birth, don’t know how much fire he will spit after birth.

Shikha says he said that he is going to get books, but she feels that he went to plan surprise for her. She tells that their marriage will be fixed. Suddenly the rain stops, and Maha Pishach cuts the hair strands which is loosening the tree grasp.

Rani and Mendy see him. Rocky asks Pavitra not to worry. He asks her to sit with him for sometime. She says she is going to make Golgappa for Sanchit. She goes closing the door, Rocky’s hand comes in the door. She comes back. He says I have forced you to sit with him. They spend some good time and smiles.

Song plays…..Sapna and Bubbly take Pishach baby’s cradle inside. Pavitra senses the evil power entered the house. Rani says this tree is holding me again. She sees Veer’s face and sees his Pishach’s avatar.

She says I should have understood. Veer makes fun of her, and says you are caged. Rani says if she was freed then would have shown what she could do. Sapna and Bubbly keep the cradle behind the temple. Bubbly asks if everything will be fine. Sapna says she is leaving everything on Ram ji. She tells that baby is of Rajput family and will not harm us when in temple.

Veer holds Rani’s neck and frees her from tree’s grasp and makes her fall down far. He says if she defeats him then he will give her Maha Pishachini crown. She agrees. Rani and Rocky see the birds in the sky and chirping. She says

Pavitra tells what she had read in Nanu’s book. Veer and Rani have a fight. Pavitra and Rocky are going to the place where Rani is tied. Sanchit asks how we will handle Rani . Pavitra shows the box. Rani defeats Veer. Veer praises her powers.

She asks for her crown. He makes Maha Pishachini crown appear. Rani closes her eyes to get it. Veer cages her again with the tree. Rani says you fooled me. He says I will not let you become Maha pishachini. He roars. Rocky and others hear his voice. Sanchit says if he had come to free Rani. They come there and see.


Pishachini 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Veer fools Pavitra into believing that the blue stone has chosen her to search Maha Pishach.

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Telecast Date:9th November 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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