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Pishachini 9th August 2022 Sudhakar says it’s time to reunite this family. Babu Ji says 20-year-long wounds can’t heal in a moment. Rocky comes and says are you talking about that witch? What was her name? Witch? Pishachini. Everyone gets scared. He says sorry sorry. He leaves. Babu Ji recalls Pishachini.

Rocky’s brother says no one even takes her name. He says it’s all imagination. His sister says they all saw her themselves. He says then why do we go there? Sachin says they all want to meet them.

His sisters say we want to go to Nikita’s wedding. The younger says sister says our Shikha didi might find someone there too. They get a bit upset. Sachin says Rocky might find someone as well. Shikha says they live in Chail, it’s a hill station. Rocky says I might find a foreigner there.

A girl drives to the hill station. Rocky says a girl who is super stylish like me. She isn’t traditional. The girl prays at the lake. She reads mantra. A few foreigners ask her what is she doing. She says it’s my parent’s and grandparents’ anniversary. We pray our tribute this way.

He says her name must be very stylish like me too. The girl’s name is Pavitra. Her aunt hugs her. Pavitra says I miss them every day. Her aunt says I wish they were alive to see how bright you’ve become.

Pavitra says it all because of you. You made me who I am. Otherwise, I would have been lost. Mausi says I am so scared you’re going to India. She says I am going to Chail, not Bareli. It’s a very beautiful place. Rocky says to his sisters we are going as well.

Scene 2
Sudhakar calls Pratik and says we are all coming to Chail. We have convinced dad. They all prepare to go. Pratik and his wife tell Rani they’re coming. His wife says we did what you asked for. Aren’t you happy now? Say something.

They take off the blanket. Rani disappears. She comes from behind and laughs. She says finally I will see all of them together after 20 years. Pavitra says Chail here I come. Rocky says Chail’s beautiful girls I am coming.

Scene 3
Mausi hugs Pavitra and says promise me you won’t go to Bareli. She says I won’t. She hugs her. Babu Ji says why did you agree to go to Himachal? Did you forget what happened there 20 years ago? Pishachini was released because of Pratik. Sudhakar says Pratik said he took help from a Tantrik and they buried Pishachini.

Babu Ji says I don’t trust him at all. Babu Ji says pandit Ji told me to do this pooja to know if this journey would be good for us. This candle will blow if it’s not good for us. The candle stays. Sudhakar says that means we should go. Pishachini isn’t with him. We should go. He nods. They go inside. The candle blows after a while.

Scene 4
The next morning, they all arrive at Pratik’s house. Pratik comes running to Babu Ji. They touch his feet. Sudhakar asks Babu ji to give them blessings. Babu Ji gets teary. Pratik hugs his brothers. Pratik’s wife meets Shikha and Sachin. She meets Rocky. Babbi says she came after you left.

Babu Ji looks around. Pratik says to Sudhkar forgive us if you can. We got greedy. Sudhakar says we are all over it. It’s time to celebrate this time. He asks how is your business? Pratik says I started with a small business and now I have a large chain. Sudhakar says this house looks like a palace. They go inside. Babu Ji looks around. He’s not feeling well. Sudhakar says let’s go. He takes him inside. Pishachini says welcome.

Everyone loves the house. Nikita comes and meets them. Babbi says she’s so pretty. Nikita meets her cousins. Amrita says Nikita was so happy to celebrate rakhi with all of you. They all sit together. Nikita ties Rakhi on Sachin and Rocky’s hands.

Sudhakar lights the candle. She does their arti. Amrita sees Pishachini upstairs. Pratik and Amrita are scared. Amrita gives everyone sweets. Nikita says you all have to help me with my wedding preparations. Pishachini laughs.

Scene 5
Pavitra arrives in India. Rocky and his family choose the songs, jewelry, and dresses. Rocky hears someone laughing. He looks outside and sees a woman on the swing. He sees again and no one is there. Rocky goes out.

He hears someone laughing. He says who is preparing for the laughter challenge? Rocky says someone was here for sure. He hears a car. He comes on the road. Someone asks are you okay? He looks around. There is a girl trying to fix a plant. It’s Pavitra. She fixes the pot and says now you’re okay.

Rocky says wow. You broke it. She says I fixed it too. He says you broke the pot. She says I will arrange another pot. She says I was just driving. He says what if you had hit me and said sorry. she says don’t drag it. I can pay for the other pot. He says what will happen when guests come here. People will ask who broke it. She says I will answer it. She says what kind of people are invited here.

Rocky says I am sure you paid for the driving license. She says you can’t pay in London. He says London? She says yes that’s where I am coming from. Rocky imagines himself in London with her. He imagines her on London’s streets. He says let’s go inside.

He says I can pick the luggage. He takes luggage inside. He says your name must be very english. She says no it’s Pavitra. He says what do your friends call you? Pavi? Pari? She says no Pavitra. They go inside. Pavitra opens the door. Pishachini feels pain.


Pishachini 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pratik says we will tell our family everything. Pishachini says don’t even dare or you will lose your daughter. Pishachini comes near Rocky.

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