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Pishachini 4th November 2022 Episode starts with Rani telling that Rajputs are foolish to think that she will stay here forever, and tells that she will find some solution and will make way for herself. She thinks this tree swallows its prey, if I give it another prey, then its branches will be loose to catch any prey and I can escape.

A guy is going from there. Rani acts and calls for help. The guy says he is coming. Sapna and her husband do the puja together. Sapna’s husband says our family has bear so much and lost too, and has learnt many things from Pavitra. He says if our heart is clean, then no bad powers can harm us.

Sapna says today we, the elders want something from you all. Rocky says we shall get gift from you. Sapna asks them to swear that they will not hide anything from them. Bubbly asks if Rani will be freed from the tree, if we are saved. The guy comes to Rani. Rani tells him that her family doesn’t like her and that’s why tied her to the tree so that some animal shall hunt her.

She says she is not alone, her baby is also with him. He says he will untie them. Sapna’s husband says nobody shall do the mistake which Amrita and Prateik had done. He says we shall swear that we shall not free Pishachini. Sapna asks about Veer. Shikha says he got urgent call and went. Veer is in the house itself and looks at them. Vidya notices him. He waves his hand. Sapna and her husband along with others swears that they will not get influenced by any evil powers.

Rani asks the guy to come near the tree and open the knot. The guy sees green light coming from the cradle. Rani asks him to hurry up. Baby Pishach swallows the man. Rani scolds the baby Pishach and asks why did he swallow the guy.

Vidya tells Pavitra and Rocky that Veer is Nashak. She says Shikha met him here infront of us. Rocky says good. Vidya says when she emailed Nashak, just then she got the box and saw Veer going from there. She says his behavior is odd and he has interest in Pishach books. Veer tells Shikha that he had gone out and asks if something happened here. Shikha says everything will fine, some day she will tell.

They hear strange sounds. Shikha says there is no animal here. He covers his head with hoodie. She says you are feeling cold, I will bring another jacket for you. He walks inside the jungle and his eyes turn blue.

He vanishes and appears. Shikha comes out and says where s Veer? Maha Pishach is shown in his avatar. Everyone in the house hear the strange roaring sound. Rani hears the sound and tells that this is Maha Pishach voice, who is her biggest rival. Shikha comes to the jungle in search of Veer and gets worried for him. Rocky tells that he has to go there as Veer and Shikha is there.

Pavitra, Vidya and Sanchit also go with him. The elders all get worried. Rocky, Vidya, Sanchit and Pavitra search Shikha and Veer in the jungle, and calls them aloud. Vidya says they must have heard the dangerous sound. Sanchit asks if they are sure that they have come here. Rocky says we shall search them. They find the blood on the bones. Rocky tells that this seems to be deer’s bones. Rani says Maha Pishach will target her.

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Telecast Date:4th November 2022
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