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Pishachini 2nd November 2022 Episode starts with Sapna telling Rani that today is her first Diwali and asks her to have the things made by her. Rani says she is feeling unwell and vomiting, pregnancy symptom. Bubbly says you have to eat double now and asks her to drink juice. Rani acts to vomits.

Pavitra comes there and calls her. Rani says she don’t want to drink or eat anything. Pavitra says she knows that such things happens in pregnancy and that’s why she has brought hospital here. Doctor comes there with Nurse and the machine. Bubbly asks what is it? Pavitra says we can see cute baby of Sanchit and Rani in Sonography machine. Sanchit comes there and says he is very excited.

He asks Sapna to take Rani to room. They go to room and gets shocked to see the décor changed. Bubbly says Vidya reads about Pishach, Bhoot etc. Sapna asks Rani to decorate the room for baby. Rani thinks if sonography is done, then nothing will be shown,

and they will come to know that I am not a human. Rocky ties himself with the rope and tells Vidya that Pavitra is sure that baby is here. Vidya says who will save you. Rocky jumps inside. Vidya panics. Rani tries to go, but Pavitra catches her and makes her lie on the bed.

Rani holds Pavitra’s neck. Pavitra gives her injections. Rani’s Pishach nails come out. Doctor comes there and tells Rani that she will check her. Rani whispers to Pavitra that she will be responsible for the death drama which will start after her drama. Vidya asks Rocky, if he is fine. Rocky says he is fine. Doctor starts doing sonography tests. Bubbly asks Sapna to see the baby. Doctor says baby is good.

Rani thinks how can be baby found in me. Vidya messages Sanchit. Rani asks pavitra what did she do that the baby is shown in her. Pavitra says she has made Doctor show someone else’s sonography report.

Rani asks if she came to know that her baby is not in her womb. Pavitra says yes. Rani says you have saved me and asks why? Pavitra says I am not your teacher to explain to you. She asks her to leave from there, as they are winning. She gives her a chance to leave. Rani says you are telling a Pishachini. Pavitra says no, I am telling a mother. She says all the ways and doors get closed for you.

Rani asks did you harm my baby, what did you do, and says this wrong doings will proved costly for you. She says blood sea will be flown in this house. She vanishes and comes to the well. She couldn’t see her baby there and comes out of well. Pavitra says I have no enmity with your baby. I am just concerned about my family’s safety. She says I know that you want to use baby against everyone.

She asks her to leave everyone’s lives and asks her to leave. She says everyone will think that you have left with your baby. Rani says she will stay here and will fulfill her aim, and her strongest baby will help her. Pavitra asks until you will roam as Pishachini. She says Amrita and Prateik have realized their mistakes and had done penance. They left. Rani pushes Pavitra and she falls far.

She takes Pishachini avatar. Everyone comes there. Rani says she is Pishachini, 200 years old Pishachini and she will be Pishachini only. Bubbly and others get scared. Rani comes down and asks if everyone went in coma. She asks them to recall the incident which happened 20 years ago.

They recall locking the Pishachini in the box. Rani asks them to hold each other’s hands and get ready to go to yamraj, as you people don’t have any way. Rocky comes there and says you don’t have the way, except from going there. Rani sees the Pishach cradle and thinks my baby.

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Telecast Date:2nd November 2022
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