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Pishachini 24th November 2022 Episode starts wth Rani saying Pavitra is hanging powerless and they are fighting with Agnitaal there. Rocky asks Kanika if there is any way to handle them. Kanika says there is way that we become like them, but we are like them. Rocky decides to sacrifice his life to save Pavitra.

He goes to the Zombies. Zombies bites his neck and suck his blood. Rocky thinks about his moments with Pavitra. He pushes all the Zombies. Kanika asks what did you do Rocky? Rocky says I have no other way. She says you have just 24 hours to become betaal. She says I will distract them and asks him to go to Pavitra. She becomes deer and runs. The Zombies run behind her.

Pavitra says I will do this again and again for my family. Rani says you will not get chance again. She makes Pavitra falls down. Rocky comes there. Rani says you have become Agni betaal. Rocky says I will not leave you. Pavitra sees Rocky and calls him. Rocky attacks Rani and she goes away far. Pavitra says Rocky what did you do? He moves back and tells that he is fine and will take her from there.

Rani asks Pavitra if she hsa any last wish, and says bye bye bhakt kumari. Rani asks if 2 seconds Agni betaal, will fight with 200 years old Pishachini. She attacks Rocky. Rocky looks at her. Pavitra fights back with Rani, using her divine powers. Rani falls down. She thinks they are very powerful, so she shall wait for him to become betaal fully. She takes her baby basket and runs inside the cave.

Pavitra asks Rocky if he is fine. He says yes, we have to make sure that Rani doesn’t get saved today. Kanika comes there as big deer and stops them from going inside. Rocky says Rani and her baby are inside. Kanika says I want to close the door of the cave for forever. She says now you haev agni betaal powers, help us. Rocky picks a huge stone and keeps on the door of the cave.

Rani hears the sound. Kanika asks Pavitra to lock the cave door with trishul forever. Pavitra stabs the trishul on the stone. Rani thinks if they have caged me. She says I will come out, I am not alone, but this time my baby is with me. Kanika says Pishachini can’t come out again. Rocky says we have won. Pavitra says but we paid a big price for it. She asks you became agni betaal to save me.

Rocky says don’t worry, my rule always be cool. Pavitra tells Kanika to do something as Rocky’s condition deteriorating. Kanika says take her to agnitaal. Pavitra takes him there. Sapna calls Rocky and his number is unreachable. Sudhakar says they should have returned by now.

Sapna thinks they have taken so much time. Dada ji comes infront of Sapna and says I always pray for them, nothing will happen to him. Shikha and others come inside. Shikha hugs Sapna. Sapna asks what happened to Sanchit? Sudhakar says sprain in his leg. Sapna asks about Rocky and others. Bubbly says they will come. She asks where is babu ji. Sapna says he has vanished.

Rocky tells that it seems like he is becoming Agnitaal. Pavitra asks her to do something. Kanika says nothing will happen to him. She tells that we have to make Agni taal’s 10 drops to Rocky. She splashes a liquid in Agnitaal and tells that they will become like ice. She then takes the agnitaal liquid from it and tells that if a human touches it, then will die. Rocky faints. Pavitra asks how we will make him drink now.


Pishachini 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani thinks to make way to go out. Kanika says if he don’t get consciousness within 24 hours, then he will become agnitaal for forever. Pavitra asks for the solution.

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Telecast Date:24th November 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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