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Pishachini 1st November 2022  Episode starts with Rocky, Pavitra and Sanchit coming home. Pavitra asks do you think that we shall tell the family about the truth. Sanchit asks are you sure that Rani met her end. Pavitra says they don’t have any proofs yet. Rocky says I will tell them everything.

Sanchit stops him and asks him to let them be happy for some more time before blasting this big news. Vidya comes there and says thank god you came, I was short of excuses. Sapna’s husband asks them to bring the lantern.

Sapna says one more name is going to add in Rajput family. They tell that they came to know just now. Pavitra thinks if they are talking about Veer. Veer- Shikha and Rocky-Pavitra are about to light the lantern. Rocky says his wife is super woman as the weapon whenever she needs it. She says it is Mata Rani’s blessings that she is blessed to save her family. Shikha asks Veer to make a wish and prays that they shall be together till death.

Veer hears and his Pishach eyes are shown. Rocky and Pavitra pray and light the lantern. The lantern flies in air. Sanchit is about to light the lantern, when Sapna asks him to wait for Rani. Sanchit says they shall go inside as it is cold. Pavitra says they want to tell something about Rani. They say that they know that Sanchit is going to be Papa.

Rani comes there and says Sanchit, you have come. She recalls coming back from the fire. She then apologizes to Sanchit and tells that she had told them about her pregnancy. She says their Ansh will take the Rajput legacy forward. Manohar says soon, you will be a father.

Rani tells Rocky and Pavitra that her baby will be half Pishach and half human, it will be so dangerous, which nobody had given birth till now. Pavitra is shocked. Sanchit blames himself for the happenings. Rocky says you was hypnotized was in Rani’s clutches. Rocky says we have to expose her. Pavitra says Rani is pregnant and tells that they shall not do anything.

Vidya says we shall not take risk as she is pregnant. Rocky says she is not a woman, but Pishachini, how she can be a mother and can kill her baby. Shikha asks Veer if he has any far away relative. He says no and tells that he likes loneliness, but not anymore. Shikha smiles. Pavitra asks what is Rani’s aim. She wanted to get maha pishachini crown, but we didn’t let this happen. Rocky says we shall not believe her, as she is not pregnant, her sonography is not done.

Sanchit says he has seen with his eyes. A fb is shown, Sanchit wakes up and sees Rani telling Mendy about her baby, and telling that the Pishach couldn’t give birth to the baby due to their temperature and that’s why they raise the baby outside the womb, and asks him to keep the Pishach cradle at some place. Sanchit sees the baby’s sharp Pishach nails. Fb ends.

Sanchit tells Pavitra that the sight of the baby was horrific. Pavitra says now we know that baby is growing outside her womb. Rocky says this baby is powerful and is the useful card for Rani. Pavitra says we have to keep finger on the baby’s navel to control rani. Sanchit says where is that baby?

Pavitra says may be she knows and she will take the risk. Rocky says you can’t take this risk alone. Pavitra says she has to take risk and asks Vidya to take help of Nashak. Just then someone knocks on Vidya’s door as she emails Nashak. She finds the box and finds solution in it. She sees Veer going from there.

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Telecast Date:1st November 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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