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Pishachini 18th November 2022 Rajputs wait for Rani to come out of Agnithaal. Rocky says that the seven seconds are over. Bubli says that Rani didn’t come out. Kanika says that Rani didn’t want to change, her intention was wrong, so she got punished. Shikha thinks that Rani can’t go without fulfilling her revenge.

Rocky says that it’s good as they got rid of Rani. Pavitra asks about Rani’s child whom she took along with her. Kanika says that this means the baby was more Pishach than human. She says that they should return home now. Pavitra wants to wait for some more minutes for the baby. Kanika says that it’s of no use, the baby should have come out by now.

They reach a village. Rocky says that maybe it’s a short cut to reach the place where the car is parked. Kanika feels something weird. Pavitra asks why the place is very silent. Pavitra, Rocky and Kanika go to check.

They enter a house and are shocked to find the whole family dead. Suddenly they wake up as zombies. Pavitra, Rocky and Kanika run out of the house. They alert the rest of the family. They all run. The zombies chase them. Rocky asks Sanchit to go to their car. Sanchit obliges. The Rajputs are surrounded by zombies. The Rajputs ask in which body part to attack the zombies.

Kanika says anywhere. She says that no weapon is made to kill zombies who actually become alive after their death. Rocky asks what to do then. Kanika says to wait for the right time. Shikha wonders where Rani trapped them. She thinks that Rani was supposed to kill Pavitra,but it seems she got killed and she will also die soon. Kanika asks them all to be ready to attack the zombies.

In the mansion, Sudhakar and Sapna are worried about Dadaji, who has fainted. Sudhakar opens the cage and gets Dadaji out. Dadaji tries to attack them. Here, the Rajputs attack the zombies. Kanika asks them to be careful and make sure the zombies don’t bite or even scratch them. Rocky and Pavitra together attack the Zombies. Dil Se Re plays in the BG. The Rajputs run from there as the zombies gather and chase them.

In the mansion, Dadaji proposes to Sudhakar and Sapna to become Pishach. He says that Pavitra rejected his suggestion. He urges Sudhakar and Sapna to strike a deal with him and become Pishach, else he will them. Sudhakar pours Ganga water on Dadaji’s face. Sapna and Sudhakar run out of the room, closing it.

The Rajputs see that Sanchit is getting attacked by a few zombies. Pavitra and Rocky attack those zombies and save Sanchit. Pavitra says that they should leave before more zombies come. Rocky says that their car is maybe the other side. They go to find their car. In the mansion, Sudhakar says to Sapna that, thankfully, before leaving, Pavitra gave him Ganga water, which saved their lives.

Dadaji says that he won’t spare Sudhakar for throwing Ganga water at him. He bangs on the door. Here, the Rajputs are shocked to see the zombies surrounding their car. Pavitra asks Kanika what is happening. Kanika says that the zombies are dragged by blood smell. She says the blood smell should come from the car.

Vidya says that she cut her finger mistakenly while cutting an apple in the car and a few drops might have fallen inside the car. Pavitra asks if they can’t see no one is inside the car. Kanika says that they can’t think or see, but can only smell the blood and it drives them mad to attack their prey.

Pavitra says that they leave in the car before the zombies destroy the car completely. Pavitra says that she will distract them and asks the rear of the family to leave. Rocky refuses and notifies the zombies removed a car tyre, which surprises everyone. Pavitra asks how the zombie removed the car tyre when they can’t think.

Rocky says that it seems like someone’s plan to prevent them from leaving. Shikha thinks that it was not Rani’s plan, but she didn’t come out of Agnithaal. Elsewhere, foot prints are shown and Rani’s laughing sound is heard.

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