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Pishachini 14th September 2022 Pavitra takes Pishachini’s pictures. She says 200 years ago there was no camera but now I have one. Pishachini throws smoke at her. Pavitra says it won’t work on me. Rani holds her hand and says you can’t defeat me. Pari says to let Rocky and her family go. Let them live.

Pavitra shoves her. Pishachini breaks things from her hair. She says I will take Rocky from you. You will see me marrying him. She laughs. Pavitra shoves her. Rani falls down. She shoves Pavitra. Pavitra throws a glass on her head. Sanchit comes and says what’s happening here? Babli says who did this to the kitchen.

Rani is on the floor. They pick her. Sapna asks what happened. She says a bird came to the kitchen. It broke everything. Pavitra says yes, see the pictures. Sudhakar says there’s nothing in these pictures.

Rani says to Pavitra that no camera can capture me. You lost again. She laughs and leaves. Sapna tells babu ji they’ve prepared for the wedding. Everything will be how they planned it. Dada Ji says I’ve to stop this wedding. He looks in his bag. Pavitra says to Rocky she’s fooling you. He says I know you attacked Rani ji.

I know the truth. She says what are you saying. Rani told him Pavitra had hit him. She said she didn’t want drama. Pavitra says she’s lying. Rocky says you fought with her and shoved her on the wall. Pavitra says you really think I can do that? He says I don’t know. Pavitra says she will ruin you and your family.

Don’t fall into her trap. Don’t marry her. He says I won’t if you tell me you want me not to marry her. She says don’t marry her she’s Pishachini. He says no for the reason that your heart says it. Pavitra says I stayed in Bareli for my mission. I can’t let go of my family’s mission. My focus is only one thing. I don’t wanna distract. He says I get it. He leaves.

Rani says to Pavitra see how I fooled Rocky again. I will love to make you my sister, a witch. I lost my family. Will you come as my sister to my wedding? She laughs. Dada Ji sees the bag panditji gave her. He says that the bag had this key. what is this for? Is it related to Pishachini?

Scene 2
Pavitra comes to the well. She wonders if that man was dragging Vikaas’s dead body. Pavitra says I can prove what she did to Vikaas. His dead body is on the tree. Mendy hides in the well. He says I forgot to hide it. Rani will kill me now. Pavitra looks around. Someone calls her. It’s Pratik and Amrita.

Pavitra is shocked to see them. Amrita says everything has changed here. Pavitra says things are gonna change. You know Pishachini is here. Pratik says we know she’s here. That’s why we came here. Pratik says we have suffered 20 years at her hands. WE will help you. Pavitra hugs them. Nikita comes home. She says mummy papa.. surprise. She sees their dead bodies. She’s shocked. The ones hugging Pavitra are witches.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2022
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