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Pishachini 14th November 2022 Pavitra telling Veer that she was doubtful when he came home when called inside three times. She says you said that you was Nashak, but you didn’t know Narak shanka. She tells that she has thought of way to expose Maha Pishach and burnt his nail as read in Nanu’s book. ‘

She recalls seeing Veer coming and getting back his nail. She says I had realized that you are maha pishach and came here for some motive. She says you got idea of Neelam pasa from Nashak’s book and you chose me by cheat and that’s why I understood that I am at your point. Veer says you are smart, but foolish to come here with me. He asks who will save you from me, this Nashak’s bottles.

Rocky finds the glitter ending at certain point. He thinks glitter must have ended. He thinks to call Nashak and hears an animal sound. He sees a big deer. Veer says nobody else would have come with me, you came here due to the sign on your hand. He says you are all alone now. Pavitra says you are having a misunderstanding, I came with you as I wanted to bring you far from my family, I don’t hesitate to end your game,

and says your identity will be gone today. Rocky sees the deer jumping on him and sits down. The deer turns into human form. Rocky asks who are you? Maha Pishach tells that he will rule on this world and calls devil rain. The rain falls on the ground. Veer says save yourself if you can. Rani thinks Maha Pishach will become more powerful, and my identity will be over. Sapna and others see green rain coming from the sky.

Sanchit says it seems Veer’s plan is not executing. Vidya says such rains happen when Maha Pishach is about to drink his victim’s blood. Veer says the divine sign will go from your hand with the rain. Pavitra says not so easily. Rocky asks the person if she is sure. She stops the car on the way to take Rocky to Pavitra.

Pavitra brings fire in her hand and the knives from her basket comes out by itself and stabs Veer. Veer falls down. Pavitra looks at him and is about to go, when Veer takes off the knives from his chest and throws it. Rocky asks how can I face the Maha Pishach. The person gives him bow and arrow and becomes deer again.

Rocky follows the deer. Veer cages Pavitra in ice and says I will enjoy to chew you alive. He says now wait for it, you can’t do anything. Pavitra says hanuman chalisa and breaks the ice. Veer holds her neck and says nobody can save you now. He again asks the clouds to make the green ashes rain. The rain starts.

Shikha tells that Veer is Nashak, but she is worried for him. She says Pavitra and Rocky are in danger. Vidya says Veer asked us to stay here. Shikha says she can’t wait anymore. Sanchit says even we will come. Rani says I never thought that I will want for bhakt Kumari’s win and says whoever is fighting with Maha Pishach shall win. Veer starts the count down to kill her. Rocky fries arrow around them. Pavitra sees Rocky.


Pishachini 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pavitra defeats Veer with Nashak and Rocky’s help.

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Telecast Date:14th November 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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