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Pishachini 11th August 2022 Rocky feels like someone touched him. He gets scared. It’s his sister. She says you thought it was Pishachini? Dadu said he saw something and Partik lied to us and he’s hiding something. Rocky says that means our Pishachini is here.

We will find her. Sachin says shut up. We are going home. They leave. Rocky stays behind. He hears someone laughing. He looks around. Pisachini is on his back. Rocky sees someone he follows her. He says it’s her.. He touches her. Pavitra comes there.

Rocky says you? Pishachini hides. Pavitra says were you waiting for someone else? She is making his video. Pavitra says what are you doing here? He says I was looking at the view. She says I thought you like city life. He says I love both.

I love life. They’re both parts of nature. You and us. Neeti says you think very deeply. He says we can meet for dinner. She says we can go today. He says you are even more beautiful than this place. Look from my eyes. Pavitra says I think I should leave. Rocky’s siblings come. He leaves. They tease him. They leave. Pavitra says now I will show this video to Nikita.

Scene 2
Amrita shows jewelry and sarees to Babi. Babi says this is all too much. Bhabhi says how can we take so much? Amrita says we are your family. Nikita’s is your daughter. Babi says it will look so good on me. Babi goes into the store.

Amrita tries to stop her. Babi says this dressing room is so good. So many things. Bhabhi comes in too. Babi says so many things. Amrita tries to stop her. Babi says so much makeup you never liked it? Amrita says let’s go from here, please. She is scared. She takes them out.

Rocky’s siblings tease him. He says see she was flirting with me. I told you she will fall for me. Pavitra says to Nikita to see how he was flirting with me. Nikita says I won’t laave him. She sees the video. She says there is only a leaf in front of the camera. Pavitra says don’t worry, I will find another proof. I will expose him. Rocky says she fell for me. See how she will flirt with me in the sangeet. Rocky says I made her fall in love with me.

Scene 3
Pishachini gets ready thinking about Rocky. She says I will make him mine. Rocky says she will say yes to me in sangeet. Pavitra says I will expose him in the sangeet. Babu ji asks Pratik and amrita if everything he said was true.

Is she not in their lives? He says we stayed away from each other for 20 years. Is that Pishachini not here? He puts his hand on his head. Pratik says I swear on you, she’s not here. Babu Ji says then I have to trust. you can’t lie to me about my life. He goes downstairs. Amrita and Pratik are scared.

Pavitra says he will fall for my killer looks. Rocky sees her struggling with her blouse. She thinks it’s pooja. She says please help. Rocky ties it for her. Pavitra realizes it’s him. She looks back. He hides. Rocky leaves.

Scene 4
The sangeet starts. Pavitra comes with the friends. Rocky leads the cousins. He says see she’s hinting it. Pavitra says he’s so shameless. The sangeet starts. Babi and her husband start the dance. Pavitra and Rocky dance on the floor too. Everyone dances and celebrates. Pavitra dances around Rocky. He dances with her. She falls. Rocky holds her. Pishachini looks at them and gets angry. Rocky says your eyes are like full moon light. Pishachini says he is my target.


Pishachini 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pischachini is dancing with Rocky. Babu ji gets shocked seeing Pishachini in Nikita’s Sangeet. Pavitra wonders who is Pishachini. Rocky lifts up Pishachini in his arms and takes her to the room. Babu ji springs holi water on Pishachini.

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Telecast Date:11th August 2022
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