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Pishachini 10th November 2022  Episode starts with Pavitra, rocky and others coming to the place where Rani is tied. They find Veer fallen on the ground. Rocky helps him get up. Veer gets up. Pavitra asks why did he come here? Vidya asks if he came here seeing the birds chirping and black clouds. He says yes, and tells that when he came here, Rani was running from here, so he tied her back.

Rani tries to say, but her mouth is also tied. Pavitra says Rani can only leave if someone helps him. Rocky says Maha Pishach might have helped her. Veer tells that he caught her again using Narakshanka. Pavitra asks if Rani got trapped by you easily. Veer says she fought with him, but he is Nashak. Sanchit tells that Veer shall rest, after Marathon fight with Rani. Vidya says they would have come sometime back to see their fight.

Sudhakar asks Sapna why did she bring Pishach baby home. Sapna says he was getting drenched so she brought him, says it is their blood. She says it is our first heir. Manohar says he is not our family’s heir, he might kill all of us. bubbly asks if he will harm us. Manohar says he can send us to crematorium ground.

Sapna says blood is blood. Rocky comes there with others. She says that baby has black blood of Pishachini and asks how can you do such a big mistake. Pavitra thinks to handle the matter and says no baby is bad from birth. She says nurture is bigger than nature and says shall we bring up this baby with our values and make him as us.

Rocky says you are saying this, and says you have suffered so much. Pavitra says the matter is about sheltering the baby. Rocky asks do you want us to nurture Pishachini’s baby. Rani says we shall think before taking a decision. She says we can’t reject the baby. Rocky says if he becomes Pishach when grown up.

He asks where is that baby. The baby is in the temple. Sapna says she has kept baby in temple for safety. Rocky says this temple is part of the house. Pavitra says Sanchit shall take a decision. Sanchit says I can’t decide. Veer says if you want then I can help you. Rani frees her mouth and tells that Maha Pishach will kill her baby. She asks Mendy where is Pishach sena? Mendy says everyone came to know that you have lost and nobody wants to help you. Rani gets angry.

Sudhakar asks Veer if he is Nashak who was helping us. Rocky and Sanchit tells that they shall believe him. Veer says I want to use this baby as a magnet, to bring out Maha Pishach. He says this baby is of Pishachini. He says he will make the baby as human and will end all Pishach effect from it. Shikha thinks they shall not be afraid as Nashak is with them. Veer tells that only one person can come with him.

Rocky asks why are you saying this? Sudhakar says we all will come to tackle with Veer. Veer says he wants just one person and asks who will come with him. Rocky, Pavitra, Vidya, Shikha and Sanchit offers to go with him.Veer shows Neelam marbles and says it will decide. Vidya asks if this is the thing which you wrote in your book. Veer says yes. He asks everyone to close their eyes and pick a marble.

Everyone picks the marbles. Veer thinks they think that this trap is to trap Maha pishach, but it is to trap Pavitra soul, Pavitra. Pavitra finds the blue marble in her hand. Rocky says I will go. Pavitra ssays I will go with Veer. She tells Rocky that she knows that he is not happy. Rocky says I get worried for you even if you go away from my sight. He says how to let you go, you are already uncomfortable with him.

Pavitra says I trust my destiny, Bajrang bali will bring me back to you. She says I shall leave. He makes her wear the locket for her safety and says it will protect you. Pavitra hugs him. Song plays….She goes. Veer looks at the green star and thinks I can act on my plan. Rani thinks Maha Pishach will attack big, else none of my desires will be fulfilled. She thinks how to go out from there.


Pishachini 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pavitra asks if maha Pishach will come here. Veer tells Pavitra that they have come there not to catch Maha Pishach, but to make him more powerful. He shows his Pishach avatar to Pavitra. Pavitra is shocked.

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Telecast Date:10th November 2022
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