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Pinjra 8th April 2021 Mayura tells the ladies that whatever she did was to get her daughter because Omkar didn’t leave any other option for her. They are accusing her of being mental. She stayed away from her daughter for 5 years, what do they expect? If she starts counting their crimes, then whole life will be short. Omkar’s mother tells her not to make stories. What Omkar did? She tells Omkar that she didn’t want to say, but if he accuses her falsely to prevent her seeing Tara, then she won’t stay quiet. He tells her to say it clearly. Mayura tells everyone that mark on her face is because of Omkar. If he can do that with her in anger, then what will he do with Tara? Is Tara safe with him? She requests the ladies to help her. If Omkar manages to take Tara from there, then her life will be spoiled. They keep her daughter in a cage, they don’t her go out to play, to school. She begs the ladies to help her. He lied to Tara that her mother is dead. Omkar tells them to ask Tara how happy she is with him. The ladies say they will ask everything including who she wants to stay with. Omkar says of course she will stay with him. He has been taking care of her since 5 years. Ladies ask if that’s the case, then why is he afraid? Let them ask Tara.

Ladies ask Tara who she wants to stay with. Tara points towards Omkar. Mayura gets heartbroken. Tara then points towards Mayura. She says she wants to stay with both. Omkar says that’s not possible. Mayura also says she just wants her daughter. She cannot live with Omkar. Omkar and Mayura start fighting again. Tara starts crying. Omkar’s dad asks them to look at Tara. Both rush to her. Omkar tells his father to take Tara inside. Ladies give 14 days to Omkar and Mayura to prove who is right for Tara. They both will have to stay with Tara together. After 14 days, depending on their behavior, they will decide who Tara will stay with. They warn Omkar not to take Tara out of city until then, otherwise there will be legal proceedings against him. They both agree, hoping to win Tara once and for all.

Omkar and Mayura challenge each other. Mayura says despite keeping her away from Tara for 5 years, she expressed a wish to live with her and now she has 14 days to live with her.

Mayura comes to Tara. They have emotional moment. Mayura tells her that she knows along with nurse, Pari Maa, she is her mother as well. Pari says mumma. Mayura cries and asks her to say it once more. She hugs her and says she missed her so much. Tara says she missed her as well and asks why she didn’t come to see her. Omkar and his mother watch this. Tara asks why she didn’t tell her that she’s her mother. Mayura makes her sit in her lap and says now she knows and that’s important. Tara asks how she got that mark on her face? She saw marriage photos and that mark was not there. Omkar gets scared. Mayura says she faced an accident. Omkar feels relieved. Tara tells her that she asked stars not to send her away from Pari Maa and stars sent her real mother to her. She then asks why her and Omkar were fighting. Mayura says fights are common in mumma-papa, but now she won’t leave her. She will tell her stories in night, she will play with her, she will never leave her.

Later, Mayura is with Tara. Omkar comes there. Tara says she made a drawing of her with mumma and papa. He says very good and says it’s time to sleep. Tara says she wants to sleep with Mayura and asks him to join too. Mayura tells Tara that she spent so much time with her mumma today and asks her to sleep with papa now. Tara tells Mayura that she will leave again. Mayura says she won’t. Omkar asks Tara to go with him now. Tara asks him why he lied that mumma was dead. Mayura says she was very far and her phone wasn’t working, so he thought she went to the God. But now she’s back and she won’t go anywhere. Tara requests Omkar to let her sleep with Mayura. He says okay and leaves. Tara asks Mayura to sing a lullaby. Mayura does it and Tara falls asleep.

Omkar is very angry. His mother asks him to eat something. He didn’t eat anything since morning. He says today he won’t be able to eat. He wants Mayura out of the house and out of Tara’s life at any cost. She says tomorrow when those ladies come, she will show them such side of Mayura that they will say themselves that Mayura cannot be a good mother.

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