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Pinjra 2nd June 2021 Episode starts with Omkar throws sand in the constable’s eyes and escape from there. Constable tells Pandey about Omkar’s escape. The New ACP informs Judge that Omkar fled from Police custody. The prosecution lawyer tells that Omkar fled before too, and asks him to give his verdict and punish Omkar. The judge gives life imprisonment to Omkar. Megha tries to change Judge’s verdict, but he refuses. Pandey informs Raghav that Omkar fled. Raghav gets happy and says Omkar can’t search Mayura. Omkar thinks where is Mayura?

Megha says I told Omkar not to run, but he invited trouble for himself. Omkar comes there and says I don’t care about myself, I am worried for Mayura. Shankar closes the door and asks why did you do this? He tells about judge’s verdict. Omkar says I really don’t care, as I am worried for Mayura. He asks what had happened? Megha says they have received call on Mayura’s mobile asking for 50 lakhs. Sanjay says Police is searching Mayura. Omkar says I can’t depend on Police to search my wife.

He asks Megha to give the number. Megha gives the number. Omkar checks the number. Police comes there. Shankar alerts Omkar. Mayura gains consciousness and asks if someone is here. Raghav is standing outside and says sorry Mayura, if you had stopped me then this wouldn’t have happen, why you are so stubborn and trust Omkar so much. He hurts his finger with the nail on the wall and says he came to get her and not to go away from her life. He makes heart on the window and says nobody can love her like me. He asks his goon to take care of her. Just then his watch beeps. Mayura hears the sound and shouts for help.

Pandey comes to Mayura’s home and asks to search Omkar. Megha says this is not the garden. Sanjay asks Shankar if we did right by letting Raghav go. Megha asks Pandey to show the warrant. Pandey says he is just doing his duty and gives a paper to Megha. Megha reads it. Omkar tries to go out of haveli, fooling the Policemen. He finds a coal kept there and smiles. Mayura frees her hands and gets up. The goons are having food in the other room. Mayura tries to move the cartoons and it falls. She hears goons talking and sits on her place. The goon sees her sitting and tells Raghav that everything is fine. Omkar as the garbage collector starts walking out. Pandey stops him and asks him to show what is in his bag? He puts the garbage down. Pandey asks him to pick it and leave. Omkar smiles and walks away. Pandey leaves from there.

Mayura thinks what is this place, I have to get out from here. Raghav comes to Sanjay, Megha and Shankar and tell that omkar did right. He asks them to tell everything and promises to bring Mayura back. He asks them to tell if they know about Omkar and says he has a heinous punishment. He says if Omkar had known where is Mayura then? Sanjay says Omkar knows the kidnapper’s number and will trace the location. Omkar gets someone’s help to locate the address and takes the bike keys.

Raghav thinks he was right. He calls the goons and asks them to keep eye on Mayura. The goon asks him not to take tension. Mayura manages to jump out of the window and runs. Omkar is riding on the bike and imagines Mayura sitting on the back seat with him. He smiles. He then stops the car and checks the location. He finds that he is 10 mins away from location. Raghav comes there and asks goons about Mayura. The goon says she was here, don’t know how she went? Raghav gets angry on them and calls Pandey, tells that Omkar can come here at anytime and asks him to do something. Pandey takes out his gun and smirks. The goons chase Mayura. Just then Omkar comes there and beats them. Mayura says Omkar. Omkar asks the goon to say, who asked him to kidnap Mayura. The goon pushes him and runs. Mayura asks him not to run.

Omkar comes back to her and hugs her. He asks if she is fine? Mayura says I am fine and asks about his injury. He kisses her hand. Mayura asks why did you come to save me, today was court hearing, don’t know what was happening. Omkar says if I haven’t saved you then it would be more big punishment for me. He says he will surrender today before Police and will see whatever happens. Mayura hugs him. Raghav calls Pandey and says our plan is successful, Omkar got trapped in Mayura’s name trap and asks him to shoot at sight. Pandey says if he surrenders then? Raghav asks him to shoot Omkar before he surrenders and smiles.

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